With close to 1.6 billion of active monthly users (as of 4th quarter of 2015), Facebook is the most popular social network on earth. If you want to build your brand or raise awareness for your products, using a Facebook page is certainty an excellent choice. Today we will show you how to create a new Facebook business page using a fictional restaurant “Choco Haven” as an illustration.

1. Login to start setting up your Facebook page

To begin creating a Facebook page, you need to have a personal account to link the page with. If you are uncomfortable with the idea, or want to keep a clear line between personal and work, the work-around is to have another separate Facebook profile/account to create & manage your business page(s).

Although Facebook pages are managed using a personal Facebook account, your personal details won’t be shared or displayed unless you choose to do so.

create facebook page 3

Once you have login to your Facebook account, check out the links on the left-hand side, and find PAGES > Create Page, or go direct to this URL

create facebook page

There are basically 6 types of Facebook pages that you can create. Look for the type that describes your page the best. For this post, we will choose Local Business or Place, and create a Facebook business page for the restaurant Choco Haven.

  • Local Business or Place,
  • Company, Organisation or Institution,
  • Brand or Product,
  • Artist, Band or Public Place,
  • Entertainment,
  • Cause or Community

create facebook page 2

2. Choose Your Category from the Drop-down Menu and Name Your Page

After selecting the type of Facebook page, you are presented with further options to choose your category and provide a name of your page. If you are creating a page for your business/place, more information (e.g. address, country, tel) is required from you. For certain pages such as Entertainment, you can be more descriptive to let your audience know what the page is about. The general rule when it comes to page name, is to make it concise and short.

facebook business page

If you are using an improper or invalid page name, Facebook will notify and ask you to correct it. Just to name a few examples of page names that Facebook does not allow:

  • Improper Capitalization (refer next image below)
  • Names that are abusive or violate someone rights
  • Misleading words
  • Long descriptions

invalid facebook page name

All done? Click on the button Get Started, to move on to next step.

3. Setup your Facebook Page

Next, furnish details on your page as part of the setup. There are 4 sections to this:

  • About – Provide a description of your page, URL of your website or your profile on another social media platform, and your preferred unique Facebook web address.
  • Profile Picture – Import or upload your image. Square-shaped images are preferred. Pictures that are too wide or tall are going to get cropped. The profile photo displays at 160×160 pixels on your Page on computers, and at 140×140 pixels on smartphones. Any images that are bigger than the intended sizes are automatically cropped
  • Add to Favorites – Pin your page to your personal account’s Favorites, so that you can access it anytime quickly.
  • Preferred Page Audience – This is an important section for you to tell Facebook who are your target audience. If you have a specific group of audience that you are keen on, narrow it by Locations, Age, Gender and Interest.
facebook business page 1
facebook business page 2
facebook business page 3
facebook business page 4

4. Add in the Cover Photo for your Facebook Page

When we first create our Facebook page, it’s going to look dull and empty. So let’s make it more attractive by adding in a cover photo. Click on the button Add a Cover (located at the top left corner of cover photo) , then upload or choose an existing image from your Facebook photo album.

facebook business page cover photo

For your information, the cover photo displays at 828 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones. The picture must be at least 399 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall. If your selected photo is bigger than any of the dimension(s), you can reposition the cover photo to have it look the best.

5. Add in more information about your page

Click on the tab About located just below your cover photo, to complete the remaining details about the restaurant.

facebook business page for cafe

6. Create Call to Action

One of the main reasons why we want to create a Facebook page is because we wanted to use it to engage and interact with our audience. On Facebook, the common actions from users are like and share. But what if you want more ways or actions for the user to interact with you? To achieve this, we create an “action” button that display at the bottom of the cover photo.

First, click on Create Call to Action. 

facebook page call to action

As per the screenshot below, you get to choose an action that a visitor can take when he arrives on your Facebook page. It can be Contact Us, Book Now or to use your app (on iPhone & Andriod). This is one of the best ways to encourage and drive actions from our visitors, so you won’t want to miss this out.

facebook page create call to action 2

7. Create and share content to populate your Facebook page

Make your page look better and lively by sharing relevant content. Photos and videos are good choices since they usually make better engagement with your visitors and supporters. If you already have an website and existing content, you can share them on the page too. Any interesting content related to your niche or industry are good sources of content, so don’t forget about them.

share content on your facebook page

8. Invite your friends to your newly created Facebook page

Every page has a humble beginning, so don’t be overly concerned about not having any likes or activities on the page (yet). Once you get the basics and customization done, start to inform and invite your friends and connections to like/visit the page.

Click on the “…” as shown on the image below, then Invite Friends.

facebook page awareness

9. Create more awareness by sharing your Facebook page

Constant sharing on Facebook can really do wonders for your page and content. This is especially so when your content or page is re-shared by others. You can do this for your page by clicking on the button “…” , followed by clicking on the link Share.

You can increase awareness and visibility on your Facebook page by sharing on your own or friend’s timeline, in a group, or on a page that you manage.
share your facebook page

10. Post Attribution & the rest of the page settings

To make sure that your posts, likes and comments are always done as a Page Admin, go to Settings > Post Atrribution, and choose the first radio button make page admin’s actions a default.

If there are multiple people managing the page, you can add and give them the necessary access from Settings > Page Roles. Facebook provides 5 different roles : Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser and Analyst.

Within Settings, there are plenty for you to customize your preferences. Take your time to go through or re-visit it again when necessary.

facebook business page

 11. If you are not ready yet

If you find that the Facebook page is not ready to be shown to the world, you can easily have it unpublished by going to Settings > General > Page Visibility, and check “Unpublished Page”. Your page will then be no longer visible to the public, and only people with a role on the page can see it.

facebook page visibility

facebook business page 2



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