Disable Runquery for Discuz in less than 5mins! When you first install the DiscuzX, you may have a prompt when going to the admin portal recommending that you need to disable the SQL runquery.

Disable Runquery for Discuz

You can do this by editing the file config_global.php found in your /config folder.

// --------------------------  CONFIG ADMINCP  -------------------------- //

// -------- Founders: $_config['admincp']['founder'] = '1,2,3'; --------- //

$_config['admincp']['founder'] = '1';

$_config['admincp']['forcesecques'] = '0';

$_config['admincp']['checkip'] = 1;

$_config['admincp']['runquery'] = 1;

$_config['admincp']['dbimport'] = 1;

See this line: –

$_config['admincp']['runquery'] = 1;

Simply change the ‘1’ to ‘0’ and it’s fixed!



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