Displaying our photos and videos from Instagram is an excellent way to inject variety to our blog. This is especially so when your content is too wordy or technical. Also most of the time, content on our Instagram account is generally light-hearted, and personal at times. It gives you an opportunity to show your other side, and I agree with Allie Burke, that Instagram psychologically makes people happy. Unless your Instagram content is about the end of the world, then maybe sharing your feed isn’t a good idea. ;)

On this post, I’ll be sharing with you how to quickly setup your Instagram feed using WordPress plugin. From start to end, it should take about 10 mins or so.

The plugin I have going to use is Instagram Feed by SmashBallons. First, download the plugin from here first. Then from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.

display instagram feed on wordpress 3

Search for Instagram Feedand install the plugin.

display instagram feed wordpress 4

Activate the plugin. Then go to Instagram Feed (link located on your left navigation bar).

Within your plugin dashboard, you get to configure your settings, and customize how your Instagram images and videos are going to be displayed on the feed. But before we do that, you got to first connect your Instagram account with your WordPress by providing your credentials.

display instagram feedback on wordpress 5

Authorize the plugin Instagram Feed access to your Instagram account.

display instagram feed on wordpress 6

Once the plugin successfully connects with your Instagram account, you will be able to know what is your Access Token and User ID. Copy and paste them into the necessary fields. Then Save Changes.

display instagram feed on wordpress 7

Next go to the Customize tab. The default settings are good to go. But in any case, go through them, and modify the settings to your preference. This plugin is available in free and paid options, so you can’t enable or change all the settings. The free option allows you to determine the width and height of your feed, styling & colors, and to use your own CSS or Javascript (optional).

display instagram feed on wordpress 8

Now onto the last tab Display your Feed. This page gives you a summary of the shortcodes that you can use to implement your Instagram feed.  You can display as many feeds as you want, on posts, pages or your sidebar (using widget).

I prefer to have my Instagram feed displayed on my sidebar, so I am going to show you how to do it quickly.

Go to Appearance > Widgets. Probably how you access into Widget is different, since the theme you are using is probably different from mine.

Inside Widget, choose a Text widget, then copy and paste your shortcode into it. Save your changes.

Now refresh your blog, and you should be able to see the Instagram feed on your sidebar. Mine looks like this.

how to display instagram feed on wordpress 9

If you want to explore other alternatives to display your Instagram feed, here is a list of free Instagram plugins that I have reviewed earlier on.

PS: I just started my Instagram account, so my follower count is embarrassing. If you are willing, you can follow me to make it better, and I’ll return the follow shortly :)



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