Get More Facebook Page Likes

Any better way to get more Facebook Page likes?

Everyone loves to be liked, be it in real life or on the Web. On the Internet, being liked on social networks is particularly important since it is a performance indicator, and a source of motivation for the business (or website) owner. There are many ways to get Facebook likes on your post or page. Traffic is definitely a main contributor, since the more visitors you have, the more likes you can get out of them. But we won’t be touching on traffic today since it’s another story all together. Instead, let us look at how we can make more visitors on our WordPress blog click on the like button.

Everyday we are getting visitors to our blog, but are we maximizing them? Are we driving our visitors to take actions that we want them to?

Now, to achieve our objectives of getting more likes on our Facebook page, we have to make it obvious to our visitors. We need to have a higher conversion between the number of visitors on our blog, and the actual number of people who liked our page. In this case, we will use a pop-up (in the form of lightbox) to prompt and encourage a visitor to like our page.

I know there are concerns about the user experience, but we try to strike a balance by making the pop-up less annoying and having good content to compensate for it. Anyway, if a reader or visitors loves your content or what you are doing, I am sure he won’t mind liking your Facebook Page to get regular updates.

Using a WordPress plugin to do the job

Ok, earlier on I mentioned that we will be using a pop-up to get the attention and encourage the visitor to like your page. We are going to do this by using a WordPress plugin – Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox. I have tried this on the latest WordPress version and it worked with no conflicts. But still, do your necessary backups to be on the safe side.

Install and activate the plugin, then find the link Arevico Settings located on the left-hand side navigation bar, and click it.

A preview of what your lightbox pop-up is going to look like when it is completed. Now let’s move to configuration.

facebook page to get more likes

Configure the plugin settings

There are a several key information you need to provide before the plugin is ready to run. Let’s go through them one by one. It’s going to take you less than 5 mins.

facebook wordpress get more likes 1

For Facebook Page Name – You can find this name contained in your Facebook web address (aka vanity URL). For example, if the URL is, then the page name is “InternetMarketingStash”. Note that no spaces are allowed.

For Show On – Select where you want the Facebook lightbox pop-up to appear

For Delay – this is the time delay before the pop-up appears. The time starts once the visitor reaches the page. For your information, 1000ms is 1 second. Personally I prefer to set at least 10,000ms since I don’t want to hit the visitor with a popup too quickly.

For Show Once Every – this is the number of days before you show the pop-up to the unique visitor again. I don’t recommending setting this to “zero” to pop-up on every page load/refresh, as this is very likely to annoy your visitor or fan.

For Overlay Click – I suggest to have the box checked, so that the user can close the pop-up easily. Again, this is to provide a better user-experience.

For Performance – Stick to Minify Assets and Load Facebook API Synchronous. Change this setting only if you are facing problems.

That’s it!

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