find top 10 popular pages using google analyticsIn order to improve the popularity of our websites and be more successful, one of the key information we need to know is what are the most popular pages on our website. This is vital as it is pure feedback from our visitors that we can use to decide on what type of content/topic to focus on. We can use this knowledge to market correctly and in the direction.

Say for example, if there is any particular posts or content that is out of the “top 10 most popular” category, you will then have to put on your marketing cap and promote it via social media, or improve your content to make it more attractive to readers, etc.

Steps to Discover your Most Popular Pages

Login to Google Analytics, then click on “Reporting” located at the top of the navigation bar.

Google Analytics reporting

Once you are in Reporting, scroll down the left hand side navigation bar, and look for Navigation, then enter into the Overview

google analytics behavior overview

Inside Overview, you get to see a summary of your website performance. You get information such as the total pageviews, unique pageviews, average time a visitor spent on that page, bounce rate, etc. The report can be further narrowed down by choosing a particular date, or a period of time.

To find out your top 10 pages, follow this steps

  • at the top right corner, choose the View/Report that you are interested in
  • then input the range of time

top 10 popular pages google analytics

  • you can further analyze the data by viewing hourly, daily, weekly or monthly

google analytics report parameters

Google Analytics top pages

If you need to refer to the data regularly, you can add this overview report to your “Dashboard“, so that you do not have to repeat all the steps again. This is particularly useful when you need to refer to what’s happening in the “last 7 days” or “last 30 days”

Google Analytics add to dashboard

Google Analytics predefined dates

Extra tip:
If you want to make your analysis more clean and accurate, you should remove

  • visits by yourself or your company
  • previews generated when you are writing articles
  • visits by spam bots and crawlers


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