Spam Bots or Ghost Spam are junk referrers that can cause serious impact to our data in Google Analytics. Examples of ghost spams are or It does not visit your website at all, but yet sends fake data to Google Analytics. So you may see these ghost referrers at 100% bounce rates, with zero time spent per Average Session.

The objectives of the spammer are mainly: to gain your attention (to visit the page), or make you aware of the product, and trying to do a sale. Typing “” onto my chrome address bar re-directed me to If you are curious and want to visit some of your suspicious looking referrers, do remember to take precaution and have your anti-virus, malware, or firewall in place.

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Creating the Filters in Google Analytics

To stop spam bots or crawlers from appearing in our Google Analytics reports, we need to create the necessary filters. It is advisable that you maintain a copy of View that is unfiltered, and in it’s most original form, so that you can fall back to that View when you need it.

To duplicate your View for backup, you can do a quick reference here.

Ok let’s begin to create the Filter:

  • First, click on “Admin” located at the top navigation bargoogle a nalytics top navigation bar
  • next you will see 3 columns in Admin page: Account, Property & ViewFrom the View column, choose the report that you want, then click on Filters.
  • click on the button +ADD FILTER

google analytics remove spam bots

Filter Options

  1. enter a Filter Name that you can identify easily
  2. for Filter Type, choose Custom
  3. click on the radio button “Exclude”, and choose the Filter Field as Campaign Source
  4. for Filter Pattern, copy and paste this in |
  5. leave the Case Sensitive box unchecked

google analytics filter information

Fighting spam is a never ending battle, so we need to be proactive and be taking preemptive measures ahead of them.

To make your analysis more accurate and thorough, you can try removing preview counts from your reports, and excluding your own visits as well.



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