For most users, having the Google+ bookmarklet is sufficient to share interesting web-pages on their Google Plus stream. But what if you want to share web-pages to Google+ Pages that you own for your business, blog, or interest/hobby?  Manually copying and pasting the URL to share on your G+ Page can be a time-consuming task. For blog owners or employees doing social marketing for the company, this can take up a big chunk of your time if you have to maintain several Google+ Pages.

On  this post, we will cover how to

  • Share any web-pages you want on your personal Google+ Profile
  • Share any web-pages to your Google+ Pages

To create a simple bookmarklet to share on personal Google+ Profile

1. Create a bookmark on your browser (Chrome/Firefox recommended)

Adding a bookmark on Chrome browser

Adding a bookmark on Chrome browser

2) Edit the bookmark name and URL

Making a bookmark for Google Plus Share in Chrome

Making a bookmark for Google Plus Share in Chrome

3) Paste this code for the URL field:

javascript:void(‘\l=’+encodeURIComponent(location), ‘Share to Google+’,’width=600,height=460,menubar=no,location=no,status=no’));

How to share web-pages to Google+ Pages

The rise of Google+ seems to be limited by the number of extensions/add-ons being developed for it. Probably because G+ is making changes so fast that plugin developers are having a hard time catching up with it. If you noticed, about 1/2 of the available plugins are broken or with bugs because of Google+ constant updates. To my surprise, even a simple social media task such as sharing to a company/website Google+ Page is a chore.

Faced with this problem, I went hunting for a web tools that can do the job, and found Share on Google Plus Page (Chrome extension). Too bad there is only one. I hope to find more to review later on.

There are none for Firefox at the moment. If you find any, please tell me.

Using Share on Google Plus Page, you can update both your personal Google+ profile and your business/brand/product page.

This Chrome extension allows you enter up to 5 Google+ Pages that you owned. After installing, click on ‘Define my Google+ pages’ button to input your Google Plus Page Names & IDs. You only need to do this once. The ID is the string of digits at your Google+ Page URL.

Google Plus Page ID

To choose to share a web-page on your Google+ stream or any of your Pages, simply click and select from the drop-down box.

Share on personal G+ profile or pages

share web-pages to Google+ Pages



Lincoln is a fan of Apple products, loves red wine and traveling. He blogs on internet marketing, social media, wordpress tips & guides, and using technology to maximize efficiency. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates.

4 Responses to How to Share web-pages to Google+ Pages & personal G+ stream

  1. Tim Read says:

    Thanks Lincoln – I’ve been looking all over for something like this!

  2. lincoln says:

    No problem, glad u found it useful!

  3. Claire says:

    Hi, I’m a little confused. When I click to share I just get my g+ page but the content on the website I’m trying to share doesn’t appear on my page. Am I missing a step? Thanks.

  4. Blair says:

    Thanks for the tip. Put in the various pages, checked each one and the ID works. However when I click on the g+share button in this article, it brings me to my personal profile to share, and doesn’t not allow me to choose my Page. When I click on the Chrome extension it allows me to choose my page, but I’m back to having to cut/paste URL. What have I missed?

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