RSSGraffitiThe old method that most of us used to sync Tumblr posts to Facebook fan page is broken and no longer works because FB disable the feature. However we can achieve the same results by using RSSGraffiti, an app that simplifies everything and yet gives us the power to do customization for our tumblr RSS feed.

Here is the walkthrough to setup tumblr to post to your fan page automatically whenever there are new posts:

1. Activate RSSGraffiti, and authorize it for access to your Facebook account.

2. After authorization and activation, add in your tumblr blog RSS feed into RSSGraffitti’s settings page. Click on preview to test the RSS feed and ensure it is working.

RSSGraffiti - RSS feed settings

3. Next determine your time filters. I cannot find any reasons why someone will want to delay their posts. Anyway, I set the to zero mins and cut-off date/time to earliest possible because I do not want to miss any posts.

RSS Graffiti Filter posts

4. Depending on your type of posts and how you want to “brand” your messages. Just choose whichever is applicable to you. “No Message” works great for me.

RSS Graffiti message options

5. On the next tab, we can set how often we want our Facebook fan page to be updated via the tumblr RSS feed. You have a variety of posting frequency to choose from: as soon as possible, or hourly, 4 times a day, etc. Bear in mind, the RSSGraffitti can tweet the posts for you too, so setting too many posts/cycle may flood your twitter follower with tweets. If you do not connect your Twitter account with RSSGraffitti, it should be alright going for more posts per cycle.

RSS Graffiti schedule posts

6. You can choose to publish the posts as the Page Admin, or your personal account. I recommend that you use your own account so that you can track the number of clicks and evaluate your success and click-through for your fan page.

RSS Graffiti more options

If your update frequent is soonest possible, you will see tumblr posts appearing on your Facebook fan page within mins.



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  1. katherine says:

    alas this didnt work for me. it wanted access to everything, including pages I manage for my clients and that, is simply NOT acceptable. Surely there is something out there that allows synchronized posting without demanding the keys to your kingdom?

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