I have received a number of queries from readers who had been asking how to import notes from Springpad to Evernote (vice versa) after I made a comparison of the 2 note taking applications on this post here. There are 2 ways to do it. One of the way is to email each and every note of your Springpad to your Evernote email address [yoursecret-id]@m.evernote.com but this can be very time consuming.

The other way is to export Springpad data to HTML format, then import it to Evernote. To export your data, you need the web version of Springpad. For Chrome users, you can download at the webstore. Firefox users can download the extension here [update: no longer available].

Please note this is not a perfect way to migrate from Springpad to Evernote, especially for features (e.g. bookmarks, checklists) that are available on the former and not on the latter. However as there is no software or converter to do the job, we will have to rely on this method for the time being. For users who have huge amount of notes to be migrated, you may want to consider waiting for an application to do the conversion. Free Evernote users remember to take note of your monthly cap of 60MB.

The disadvantages of this import:

  1. You have to delete individual thumbnails that appear in Evernote note without any content
  2. When you do the import, it only allows you to import everything into one Evernote folder/Notebook. So you will have to reorganize and move your imported Springpad notes to the correct folder you want.
  3. Your Springpad tasks, check-lists, bookmarks, notes with attachments will be merged into one big note.
  4. Attachments appear in new notes
  5. You may have to rename the notes’ titles for images and attachments
If you are a user who frequently use the search function, then it should be fine.

Guide to Exporting Springpad Notes to Evernote

From the web version, click on Settings->Services. Scroll a little to the bottom and you will see the option to backup your Springpad notes.

Backup and export your Springpad notes

Springpad will create a zip file of your data. Copy and export that zip file to a folder e.g. “Springpad”. After you unzip the file, you will see the following:

  1. Files folder – attachments that you include in your Springpad notes
  2. Images folder – pictures you used in your Springpad notes.
  3. File  index.html

Next, go to your desktop Evernote application.

  1. Click on Tools -> Import Folders.
  2. Navigate to the folder that you unzipped the file.
  3. Choose Yes for “Subfolders”
  4. Choose the Evernote Notebook where you want to copy all the Springpad notes to
  5. For Source, choose “Keep”
  6. Click OK and wait for the migration to be completed

Steps to importing Springpad notes to Evernote

Ok that’s all. Pretty straightforward guide. Do you know of any other ways that can successfully import? Share with us :)



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