You may be wondering is there a need for you to hook these two of them up. Other than convenience, is there anything more in doing so? Well, linking these two applications up can bring you new insights. By integrating Adsense and Google Analytics together, you gain access to new metrics that can improve your revenue generation, ad performance and enhance your users’ experience.

What Benefits When You Integrate Adsense with Google Analytics?

It’s amazing how data works. When you combine data from two places, you create meaningful information that gives you new insights and how you can use these knowledge to make your business or websites even better. Here’s four benefits you get when you combine the two applications. Of course there are more that you can interpret from your Adsense numbers, but I leave it to you.

1. Best Traffic Sources
Information on which are your top traffic sources when it comes to Adsense revenue generation. If you know Twitter is giving you the most referrals, naturally you will start to put in more effort to work and interact on Twitter.

2. Best Visitors
Sometimes the highest traffic source may not necessarily translate to being the most profitable traffic source. For example, Facebook may bring you 5000 visitors on a monthly basis, with a CTR of 1.8%. On the other hand, traffic from Pinterest is at 12,000 per month, but unfortunately, the CTR is a pathetic 0.15%. When you read this kind of information, you realize how much money you have could have been leaving on the table. By taking action, you can focus your attention on Facebook and capitalize more on revenue and traffic generation – where the money is.

3. Improve your CTR
Get to know which of your page(s) has the highest or lowest CTR. Knowing this makes you more efficient as you can put the necessary efforts to optimize and improve your CTR. Was it the writing style, the content, or not getting the relevant audience that causes CTR to suffer? Find out what is working for the best performing pages, and duplicate the success.

4. Mobile or Desktop
Another piece of valuable information that you have access to, is knowing which group of visitor contributes more to your revenue. If you discover mobile visitors have a higher tendency to click on ads, or forms a big portion of the revenue generation, what are you going to do? Definitely, your best course of actions will be to take advantage of this fact and make your website mobile-optimized and user friendly for visitors.

The Step by Step Guide

To integrate Adsense and Google Analytics together, please ensure that both your accounts are under a single Gmail address.

  1. First, login to Google Analytics, then click on Admin located on the top of the pageGoogle Analytics Admin
  2. Next, in the Account and Property columns, choose the account and property/website that you want to link Adsense with.
  3. Once you have selected the property/website to integrate with, click on Adsense Linking.Integrate Adsense with Google Analytics
  4. Next choose your Adsense Property, and the Analytics Views that you want the Adsense data to be available for. You can choose more than 1 Analytics View.
  5. Click Enable Link.
  6. Click Done.

google analytics adsense 3

You have successfully link up Google Analytics and Adsense together! Be patient, as it may take up to 24 hours for the data to be displayed. Once ready, you can check out by accessing Behavior > Publishers > Overview.




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