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Why integrate Facebook page with WordPress blog

For this guide, I will be showing you how to integrate your Facebook page together with a WordPress blog. By connecting the both of them together, there are two goals we can achieve. The first is to generate more interest and interaction. The other goal is to collect more likes, and get more shares for our Facebook Page.

It is not going to be complicated since there is no coding involved. We are going to use a WordPress plugin to achieve these objectives. I tried several plugins, but my personal favorite is Facebook Pagelike Widget. The plugin provides you various places (e.g. posts and pages via shortcodes, side bar and footer via widget) for you to display Facebook Page Likes, or the Page’s news feed.

How to link them up and embed my Facebook Page newsfeed on blog?

First install and active the plugin. If are a WordPress beginner and not familiar with the process, check out the guide on installing plugins here.

After activating the plugin, go to Appearance > Widgets. That is where we configure our settings.

connect facebook page with wordpress

Drag the Facebook Page Like Widget to where you want it to be. On this guide, we will have it installed on the side bar.

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Settings and configuration for your Facebook widget

We just need to provide our Facebook Page information before the widget can go active. Here are two important things you need to have ready:

  • the full URL of your Facebook page
  • Facebook Application ID

If you do not know what is your Facebook App ID or not sure where to find it, don’t worry, see our step by step guide here.

Ok, once you have the Facebook Application ID and Page URL, the final settings to configure are:

  • Show/hide posts from timeline
  • Show/hide Page photo cover
  • Show/hide profile photos of those who liked
  • Show/hide small header

How the Facebook widget looks without newsfeed

If your objective is just to collect likes on your Facebook page, probably this is enough. Also, it saves you space on the side bar for you to put something else.

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How the Facebook widget looks with posts from Page timeline

Although, your widget is going to be long when you include posts from the Page, it is not without merit.

There are many reasons for showing the newsfeed in the widget/sidebar, below are three good ones.

  • Provide more engagement and interaction between you and your visitors.
  • Users will find it more convenient to comment, share or like your individual posts on Facebook page.
  • If you are sharing unique content on your Facebook page, this is a good place to showcase it.

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