integrate google analytics with search console

Why do we want to do that?

Have you ever wonder how your keywords performed on Google searches? I believe you do. Search Console presents to us valuable data for us to identify opportunities and prioritize our efforts so that we can act accordingly and increase the traffic to our website. When you combine the data from Search Console with Google Analytics, you gain additional data to perform follow up actions depending on these scenarios:

  • Web pages having high CTR, but do not score well in search results . This usually meant that our pages have content that the user is interested in, but not so visible in the search results.
  • Web pages having low CTR, but enjoys a good position in search results. In such cases, we can improve the content to increase the CTR and get more traffic.

Before you  start, make sure that your website has already been verified within Search Console.

Step by Step Guide to Integrate Google Analytics with Search Console

First, login to your Google Analytics account and from the dashboard choose the Property (i.e. website) that you want to connect for.

Next, at the top navigation bar, click on Reporting. 

Then on the left-hand side, go to Acquisition > Queries. If you have not connected Google Analytics with the Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tool), you will see the screen below.

Hit the button Set up Search Console data sharing to begin the process.

search console integrate with google analytics 1

On the next screen, find All Products on the left-hand side bar, and click on it.

search console integration

Scroll all the way down, and click the button Link Search Console.

integrate google analytics search console

Next, inside Search Console Settings, click on the link Edit, and you will be directed to choose the Property that you want to integrate for. Choose the Property/website, then hit the Save button.

search console integration 5

That completes the process, and now you have linked both Google Analytics and Search Console for your selected Property. If you want to get the same information on other Property, just repeat the process.

Also, once the integration is complete, you will be able gain insight on how your keywords and pages performed in the search results. To view how your keywords are performing, from inside your Google Analytics dashboard, go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries.

Last but not least, you may also be keen to find out how to integrate Google Search Console with Adwords and Adsense to expand your data set for deeper analysis.



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