Ping services are an inbuilt feature of WordPress that we should take advantage of. It speeds up the rate our web pages and content get indexed by search engines and directories. To put it simply, ping service works on a XML-RPC-based push mechanism and notifies search engines and blog directories once new content has been published, or updated. WordPress had made it really easy and convenient for us to do this notification, since all we need to do is to provide it with a ping list.
how to update your ping list on wordpress blog

Steps to Update the Ping List for your WordPress Blog

  1. First login to your WordPress blog dashboard.
  2. On the left-hand side navigation bar, go to Settings > Writing, and you will see the section Update Services.update services ping
  3. I have combined the list of XML-RPC Ping Services from several sources including mine, WordPress and Valdimir’s personal ping list. Copy the list of URLs below and paste into the Update Services.
  4. Every time you publish a new post or modify an old post, WordPress will automatically update these services.

Using WordPress Plugins to Manage your Pinging

If you are concerned about excessive pinging especially when you do lots of re-editing on your posts, you may want to install WordPress Ping Optimizer to avoid this issue. The plugin prevents your blog from being tagged as a ping spammer. Other than that, the plugin provides a log for you to see all the pinging activities.

Alternative Resources to Ping your Blog Online

Updating and using ping services are essential SEO steps to take right after you installed WordPress. Other WordPress settings that you can look into include but not limited to:

  • permalinks for your posts,
  • spam settings,
  • comments blacklist,
  • making sure you did not disable search engine visibility (Setttings > Readings)

If you find this ping list useful, do share with your fellow bloggers or friends.



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