Permissions & Access Levels

In order to add/remove or setup permissions in Google Analytics, the user must have an email address registered with Google (i.e. There are 4 types of user permissions available:

  1. Manage users
  2. Edit
  3. Collaborate
  4. Read & Analyze

In terms of hierarchy level, it goes Account >> Property >> View. However when it comes to permissions, we got to remember that we can only give more permissions as we move down the hierarcy. This means that on the lowest View level, we can give permission for all 4 items (Manage users, Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze) to a user, while he may enjoy only lower or even no permissions on Account and Property level.

On the other hand, if an user already has full permission access on Account level, we cannot limit or lower his access on Property level or View level. 

An example: You can limit the access of the user by just granting on View level, and with no permissions given on Account or Property levels. Below are screenshots showing permissions given on View level only.



How to Add Users & Modify Permissions

Adding/removing of users, and modifying of user permissions, can be done at any of the 3 levels: Account level, Property level or View level. In the following steps, we will illustrate it on the Account level: 

  1. after login to Google Analytics, click on the Admin link located at the top of the screen
  2. click on User Management, and you will see a list of users that have accounts permissions.
  3. all the users are identified by their Gmail email address accounts. Next to their accounts, the permissions levels are displayed
  4. enter the email address, then choose the permission levels, and you are done
  5. when adding user or modifying the permission levels on Account level, note that the permission level will cascade down to Property and View levels as well.

Google Analytics Permission setup

Removing Users from Google Analytics

Although we can give permissions at any level, when it comes to removing users, we can only do it an Account level.

If you want to Add/Remove websites instead, or understand more on the levels for Account, Property, and Viewcheck out this post written earlier.



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