Mass Income Multiplier (MIM) is an awesome creation of two brilliant individuals in the industry – Tonny Perr & Tom Geller. Even if you have multiple software raking in money for you already, this will be a great addition to your revenue streams with little efforts. The duo have been working hard to to find out what are internet marketers want before launching MIM. After giving the product a run, I can say it does delivers the results if you follow the instructions and put in consistent efforts.

The Concept

Unless you are living under the rocks, you will know that all social networks make easy money from the content that you upload – Facebook earns money from displaying ads on your profile, Google monetized the search results. Of course there’s nothing wrong in FB or Google for profiting from our content since they are providing a service/product to us. However won’t it be better for us to make money for our contributions too? This is where Mass Income Multiplier comes in, and allows us to earn money for our content. Video & Demo here.

Mass Income Multiplier Web-Based Application

Mass Income Multiplier Web-Based Application

How Mass Income Multiplier Works?

MIM is an advanced web-based software that runs online, and it allows you to generate money pages filled with content, videos and your affiliate links in double quick time. Essentially, to earn money online, there are 3 big areas we need to look into:

1. Site Creation

Content creation is like the soul of a website. Without content, your site is as good as dead. No one wants to visit, or even stay there. Without visitors, there’s no way for you to make a sale too. Mass Income Multiplier comes to the rescue, by allowing users to create content/money pages in mins! You can have videos, texts, pictures with your affiliate links embedded in just a few clicks. Simply choose your Template, enter your Page Title and Page Content, configure Option Form, enter your ClickBank Account, and/or Monetization Code – that’s it!

Mass Income Multiplier Content Creation

Mass Income Multiplier Content Creation

2. Traffic Generation 

Ok, now that you have the content generated, you’ll need to hunt for the visitors. Find them in hordes and you’ll earn boatloads of cash. Traditionally there are two main methods – paid and free traffic.

If you are feeling rich, you can always advertise your website on Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, or Google to attract visitors. But chances are you have a small budget, or do not wish to spend on advertising. Furthermore when advertising does not guarantee results, and you may end up broke before you start earning your first dollar. And when the CPC is at $1+ for competitive niches, expect to burn cash before you start seeing results.

The free method is via good SEO techniques, or through social media networks which are gaining rapid popularity nowadays and looks set to stay that way. For natural organic traffic, it takes a relative longer time for you to build up your website before visitors come in regular. As for social networks, well, you need to be have lots of followers or fans for it to work effectively.

MIM works by sharing your content within the network of thousands of users such as you. The traffic to your content pages will ramp up as your content is shared within the network. PLUS backlinks will be built on autopilot with inbuilt sharing features (e.g Facebook & Twitter) within the online portal. And if you are lucky to have your stuff going viral, just imagine the traffic and dollars coming your way.

A snap shot of MIM users pages and traffics statistics

A snap shot of MIM users pages and traffics statistics

3. List Building

Mass Income Multiplier is integrated with a built-in auto-responder and opt-in forms allowing you to collect your leads from your pages automatically. Don’t underestimate this feature. Building lists is part and parcel for online marketing, not just brick-and-mortar businesses. For beginners, you save yourself the money on using auto-responders services such as Aweber and GetResponse.

Building your List with Mass Income Multiplier

Managing your List with Mass Income Multiplier


In short, many users are “exploiting” this software because:

Web-Based – No installation. Works on all platforms (Mac or Windows). Just login and do your work.

Hosted Application – No hosting or domain fees for you. Plus it comes free with a list builder. Probably a few months of hosting is already more than the price of MIM one time fee. Hopefully Tonny or Tom doesn’t change the price structure to monthly. The solid product currently sells for $49 with a 60 days money back guarantee.

One-Step Solution – As mentioned in the review above. MIM gives you an opportunity to make money in a breeze, and takes cares of everything from content creation, embedding your affiliate links, getting traffic, reports, comments systems, all the way to customer management.

Get a peek into Mass Income Multiplier, watch the video below to see how easy it is to setup the pages and start earning!

Mass Income Multiplier Video and Demo

Mass Income Multiplier Video and Demo



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