super easy way to get more traffic for wordpress postsContent plays an important part of every successful blog. Because without content, how are we going to get visitors? So most of us publish content on a regular basis. It can be daily or weekly. Then we share this content on every social network or bookmarking site that we can think of, so that we can attract traffic to our website. If you are doing this, you are doing it right. But how about doing it better? Why not share and promote posts that you have written a few weeks or months back? By doing so, you can easily double (or more) the content that you currently share. And unless your content is super boring, you can expect to get more hits on your pages. Basically it’s all about maximizing your content assets, to get more traffic and visitors.

Trying to get more traffic from old posts is not something new. And if you are doing it manually, here’s a piece of good news for you – the process can be automated using a WordPress plugin. More on the plugin later. Let’s take a look at the following benefits when you leverage on old posts.

  • Reduces your stress on creating new and interesting content.
  • Re-use your existing content for more traffic.
  • Promote your old posts to get more traffic on social networks.
  • Recycle your posts for a wider range of content.
  • Recycle your posts for followers who missed your previous social updates.
  • Automate the process of sharing posts (new and old), so that you can spend your extra time somewhere else.

Just a disclaimer before we go on. Although I advocate using old content to get more traffic, it doesn’t mean that you should stop writing articles totally and rely on old posts 100%. Fresh content is still important, so keep working on it.

The plugin that I am recommending is Revive Old Post. It’s previously known as Former Tweet Old Post. As per the author, the plugin offers the following features:

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  • Share new and old posts.
  • Choose the time between posts.
  • Choose the number of posts to share.
  • Use hashtags to focus on topics.
  • Include links back to your site.
  • Exclude categories
  • Exclude specific posts.

Interesting right? Now let’s move to the installation and settings stage.

From your Wordpress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New. Search for the “Revive Old Post”. Download and install it.

get more traffic from wordpress old posts 6
Next, from your WordPress navigation bar, go to Revive Old Post. 

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Inside Revive Old Post > Accounts, connect the social networks that you want and Save. Only Twitter and Facebook are available on the free version. If you want to use Xing, LinkedIn, or tumblr, you got to go for the PRO version. More on the paid option & features as we go along.

get more traffic old wordpress posts 3

After you have connected the social accounts, go to General Settings. This is where you choose what are posts that you want the plugin to share by using Categories or Tags. 

This is also where you determine how frequent you want to share you posts. It’s defined as interval, so if you want to share a random old post every 2 hours, then indicate 2 into the text box. Other settings that you can play with include:

  • Minimum/Maximum age of post to be eligible for sharing.
  • Number of posts per share.
  • Whether you want to repeat your share more than once.

get more traffic wordpress old post 5

There isn’t any recommended settings, but here some guidelines to think about:

  • The number of posts that you have on your blog. If you have many posts, you may want to reduce the intervals between share.
  • On the other hand, if you do not have lots of content on your blog, you can increase the interval between share. Or alternatively, share old posts more than once.
  • However if you are repeating your share, take precautions not to repeat it too aggressively as it may annoy your followers or audience.

Want to see how much traffic the plugin can bring you? Turn on Google Analytics tracking.

get more traffic old wordpress post 10

Next is Post Format. Here is where you customize how your post is going to look like when it is shared. For Post Content, you can share either title, body, title & body, or customized. But do note the limitation of 140 characters if you intend to share on Twitter. Two options that you may want to look into: using your own URL shortener and whether you want to  include hashtags.

more traffic from old wordpress posts 7


After you have made all your settings, remember to Save, and hit the button Start Sharing to begin the process.

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To see what are the old posts that have been shared, just go to the Log tab.

more traffic from old wordpress posts 9

To buy or not to buy?

The plugin is available in free and paid options. For the paid option, there are 3 packages for you to choose from. The cost is one-time starting from $75. Should you buy? It’s hard to make the decision now. I’ll suggest trying out the free option first, review it then decide. Only make the purchase if you can see the value from it.

To measure how the re-posts are performing, you may want to use your own URL shortener so that you can get basic tracking details, such as the number of clicks. To be more accurate and relevant, use Google Analytics, since you can compare the traffic before and after using the plugin.

One thing for sure, it can boost your productivity since you don’t have to keep on (manually) re-sharing your content on social networks. If you are curious and want to compare the differences between the license types, visit this page (the comparison table is at the bottom of the page).

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