How to Setup 2 or more Dropbox Accounts (Solved)

It’s understandable why many are looking to setup multiple Dropbox accounts on one computer – with the increasing reliance on storing pictures and documents online for backup as well as sharing, some of us will be in need for extra space to store and sync documents with Dropbox (DB).

Mainly there are 3 groups of individuals who wants to setup multiple Dropbox accounts

  • User who wants to overcome the free storage limit imposed by Dropbox
  • Users who share a family computer/laptop
  • Users who want to separate their work and personal life with 2 unique accounts

Adding a User Account on your Computer

Unless DB adds in the feature, there’s no way for you to do multiple installations on one computer. Neither can you link another Dropbox account to your existing one, however you can setup another User Account on your PC, and do a new installation of Dropbox on that account.

Below are the steps for those who are novice with adding accounts. Basically you can create multiple users for multiple Dropbox accounts on one computer/laptop/mac.

Adding a new user account from Control Panel

1. First go to your Control Panel, the choose “User Accounts”.

Managing new user account on the control panel

2. Then click “Manage another account”.

Put in your user account name

3. Put in the user name you want (e.g. John Works, John Personal)

4. After that switch to your new account, and do a fresh installation of Dropbox. I’m using Windows Vista, so your interface may be different from mine.

Switching to another user account

5. Start the Dropbox installation. It’s pretty straight forward and self-explainatory.


Dropbox setup folder location

Dropbox setup location

Dropbox sync locations


Another tip: you can share and transfer files between your user accounts, by sharing the Dropbox folders.

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  2. Ernest Beebeen says:

    I wanted to set up a Dropbox account for a client but wanted to do it from my computer. But I already have an account. Couldn’t figure out an easy solution…

    Definitely an “of course why didn’t I think of this…” moment. I had read all kinds of complicated ways to open a second dropbox account but this is easy: Just create a new user.

    Thank you.

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