nRelate - related posts advertising[Update: nRelate stopped their services since 31 Dec 2014, therefore this article may not be exactly relevant to you.]

I have installed and used the WordPress plugin nRelate to complement several of my Adsense sites and after 2 months, I noted that the earnings aren’t too bad. Plus the CTR is pretty high, and with many different and beautiful choices on displaying related posts, I have visitors reading an average of 2 pages per visit. Previously it’s only 1.2 pages/visit.

Of couse earnings from nRelate cannot beat Adsense. But on average earnings per click, it’s a few times higher than in-text advertising platforms – Infolinks & Kontera. Although earnings can be lesser, I find that they work better on forums and content that are more general.

As for nRelate, it really packs a punch without taking additional precious screen space, it is non-intrusive to readers and most important of all, it is not distruptive. It doesn’t break the flow of a visitor’s reading of the article since the related posts/ads are located at the bottom of the post. When a reader is not distracted and engaged with your content, you can expect the duration of visit to be longer. This is good for healthy growth of our blogs.

Check out nRelate new product, that displays your related content in a cool flyout box. The Flyout can appear from the left or right side, and it recommends related posts (on your blog) to your readers. It is a sure-fire way to catch the attention of the visitor.

For bloggers who somehow do not like nRelate, you can consider the alternative LinkWithin. But take note the platform does not support ads in related posts, and therefore no earnings can be made. Not really an issue for those who are monetizing your sites in other ways or you just want to be ad-free.



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  1. Sogni says:

    Thank you for your suggestions. We use LinkWithin but nRelate seeem so much better

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