page rankPageRank is one of the most over-rated SEO factor that many focus on. I’m not saying that it is not important, but having a lower PR compared to your competitor doesn’t mean you are going to rank lower than your competitors. Google only updates the PR several times a year, so there is not need to be disappointed if you do not see your PR going up despite your backlinking efforts. In fact, this is Google’s hint to webmasters not to worry so much on their PageRank. Just focus on building your content and do consistent backlinking and your PR will go up eventually.

PageRank is primarily determined by the number of backlinks pointing to your website. Think of the backlinks as a vote. The more votes you have, the higher your “rating” in Google’s eyes. However not all backlinks are equal. Having votes from reputed and high PR are more valuable then links from adult, porno or poker websites. As a matter of fact, having too many backlinks from spammy sites will do you more harm then good. The best kind are those within your niche, or relevant to your particular post. If you are outsourcing your work, take note of that.

PageRank is akin to Page Reputation. Having backlinks from established and reputed sites should form part of your strategy. Build your links the right and natural way. Do not go too fast or appear spammy, and you will be rewarded.

Building backlinks is a big topic, which is impossible to cover everything on this post. Here are 6 good ways to to get backlinks for your blog:

  1. Guest blogging – Other than getting a backlink, this is also excellent way to get your content infront of unique visitors.
  2. Commenting – this method has been around since the day guest books are invented. Although there have been discussions on it’s practicality, and complaints that most of it are “nofollow” and thus useless, I have benefited from this strategy. Try it, and see the results for yourself.
  3. Article Marketing – this is a wonderful way to get contextual links with your targeted phrases surrounded by blocks of text. Use Article Marketing Robot to make your work easier and faster.
  4. Forum Profiles or Signatures – this kills 2 birds with one stone which I am fond of. Using this method, not only do you get backlinks, chances are you will be receiving traffic from that forum too! But remember to read the forum’s rules & regulations on the use of signatures.
  5. Social networking sites – almost a necessity in the backlinking strategy. Share your content, post interesting and new stuff pointing back to your blog.
  6. Bookmarking sites – self explanatory

To sum up, it’s advisable to have a good mix, rather than building all your links with one method. There’s two reasons for that. First, you appear unnatural to the search engines. Second, should the the search algorithms changed and make that strategy invalid, your ranks will drop to the bottom.



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  1. Robin says:

    Simple and very well said … :) decent and working way to increase backlinks and get more seo benefits.


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