Unless you have an amazing memory to remember all your passwords on tens or hundreds of websites, then you’ll need a password manager to organize and remember all your passwords. If you are using one password for ALL your web logins, then it’s a good time for you to change that habit before your accounts are hack. Bigger risks include having your online banking accounts jeopardized. Besides managing your passwords, these applications are able to generate strong and secure passwords, and is actually a productivity tool since it auto-fills for you without the need for you to refer to your “password notebook” or excel spreadsheet containing 100 hundreds of passwords.

Presenting to you 5 most popular password managers in no ranking order:


RoboForm RoboForm is one of the most stablished company in the business of auto pre-filling forms and remembering passwords. It’s applications supports a wide range of browsers and mobile platforms. The plugin or extension for your browser securely stores your passwords, and automatically logs you into your accounts. Both free and paid versions are available.

The paid version allows you to install RoboForm on as many computers and mobile devices as you want and it will automatically sync your passwords to your mobile phone and desktop/PC/Mac. You can choose to pay yearly at $19.95 (first year is $9.95) for all your desktops and mobile devices, or buy single licenses from $29.95. Complete pricing here.

Browsers supported: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and many more although features may be limited. Check the entire list of browsers here. Mobile Platforms include iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, BlackBerry, Palm and Symbian.


1Password - Password Manager 1Password does not have any free version. However you can get a 30 days trial to check it out. The single user license is at $49.99, which is more expensive then RoboForm. If you own multiple devices/platforms, buying the bundle packages is a good idea. The applications auto syncs passwords between mobile devices and desktops too. The apps on iPhone and Android are impressive with their features. Simply tap on a saved login and you’ll be taken directly to the site with your username & password entered. Just a few clicks and you are login’d. Syncing of your user accounts/passwords continues even in the background.

Browsers supported: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Mobile Platforms: Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android


Clipperz Clipperz is like an all-purpose tool that can be used for storing and organizing confidential information ranging from passwords, confidential notes, burglar alarm codes, credit and debit card details, PINs, the list goes on. The good and bad thing is it’s open-source. Good because it’s free. Bad because when you need support, chances are it’s going to be slow or nothing at all. However it’s one of my favorites not because it’s free, rather because of the ease and simplicity in the application.

Accessing your website is fast and easy too. Just click on the “direct login” link, and you are ready to go! You can manage your confidential data easily by importing and exporting too. Formats supported include CSV, Excel, Keepass, RoboForm, JSON. Because of the way Clipperz is created and coded, you can access the data from any OS, computer or browser. On the downside, there is no synchronization of usernames & passwords.


KeePass - password management KeePass is another great open source software for managing your passwords. Free doesn’t mean it is bad in securing your confidential account details. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and  Twofish algorithm are implemented to encrypt your password databases. Both are considered very secure and used by government and national agencies.

Similar to Clipperz, KeePass provides users a variety of file formats to import and export your data. All your passwords are secured by a master password that you select and must remember. When it comes to plugins, KeePass beats the competitors hands-down. The list of plugins includes Backup & Synchronization, Utilities (e.g On-screen keyboard), Intergration & Transfer, Importers & Converters. If you are looking for a customizable password manager, then this could be your best choice.


LastPass comes in both free and paid version. The free version works wonders and gives you features such as automatically filling your forms with multiple “profiles”. You can create those profiles yourself, for example, a profile for joining forums, a profile for your private details, a profile for your business activities, and the lists goes on.LastPass

Logging into websites can be automatically, or you can set it as manual, and select the user account that you want to use to login. Works great when you have multiple hotmail, gmail accounts. Other than that, you can even store other types of data securely in the LastPass vault. What I like about the vault is that it allows you to search for your account details, which is a time saver. You can even create folders/groups to store your passwords accordingly to your usage style.

LastPass Premium version unlocks more benefits at only $1 per month
– Sharing passwords securely with friends, team mates, or colleaues
– If you want to import or switch to LastPass, you can easily import from Internet Explorer, Firefox, RoboForm, 1Password, KeePass, MyPasswordSafe, Password Agent, Password Safe, Sxipper, Passpack and TurboPassword.
– Access your password from your mobile devices
– Backup or export your data/password
– Using Identities to control which sites you can or cannot access. Great for separating work and personal accounts.
– For the full list of features, go here.

What’s your favorite application for password and confidential data management?



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