Pinterest marketing strategies Pinterest is easy and a fun way to do online marketing. However, mass pinning or having more images doesn’t automatically translate to more views and better results. To optimize your results, you need to execute your Pinterest marketing strategies in the right way and take note not to overlook on the details which can make a very big difference. For maximum impact, you can use this 15 tips to kick-start marketing on Pinterest and WordPress plugins.

1. Use Attention Grabbing Images

Always pin images that compel user to click and enlarge. Attract your audience based on their needs, wants, and emotions. For marketers who work heavily with photos, you can apply the AIDA marketing concept. AIDA is short for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Choose pictures that grabs attention. With so many pics competing side by side in every category, you will want to stand out, strike up a interest level for him/her to click on your pin.

2. Call-to-Action Descriptions

There are many bad descriptions such as ‘nice’, ‘sweet’, smiley faces, and the worst kind using only ‘.’ Ok maybe those are just normal users having a fun time on Pinterest, but I’m sure there are advertisers and business owners who’s guilty of this. Example of practical descriptions: a guide on how-to tie iPhone ear cables in a cool way, recipe on kung pao chicken, etc.

3. Relevant Descriptions

A picture may mean a thousand words, however a picture may also be interpreted differently by different individuals.

As an example, for the same picture, Kate likes the bag and John loves the model carry the bag – so what’s the focus? If you are a bag seller, it makes perfect sense to describe the bag’s brand, cost and even dimensions. As a model agency owner, you should put your model’s name and relevant details. By doing so, your intended audience has reasons to believe this is what they are looking for and will click on it.

It is important to note that the span of atttention (even with compelling images) is very short (a few seconds at best), so the pin description must be precise and screaming “click-me”. Don’t let bad or nondescript images be the weakest link in your marketing campaign.

4. Focus on your Popular Boards

The board with the most followers is a big indicator of popularity. Focus your marketing efforts on that board. Having more followers mean potentially more repins, comments, likes, and click-throughs. It is also a good opportunity to find out why that board gains more popularity compared to other of your boards. Find out what’s working and what’s not.

5. Finding the Golden Hours to Pin your Images

Pinning during the golden hours assures you get the most visitors, views, re-pins and comments. However the effectiveness of this strategy is debatable and depends on several factors:

  1. Your perfect time interval should take into consideration the geographical locations & time zone of your potential clients (Asia, USA, Europe, Brazil?)
  2. Are the golden hours a period where there are more college students than white-collar workers you are targeting?
  3. Type of product does not appeal to most of the individuals during that time span.
  4. Age – are users belonging the age group your products are designed for?
  5. Gender – within those hours, are you engaging your desired female/male group enough?

The 5 factors are generalization and should be taken as a reference only. There are definitely more factors & variables that influence your results. The best hours are hours that give you the type of audience you desire and higher conversions. This beats having more views that converts lesser than the industry standards. To get indepth anlyasis of Pinterest, you can sign-up to be on the waiting list of Pinerly, using this invitation link.

6. Trending Topics

Riding on the rise of trending topics is an excellent way to pump up views on your pins, and drive traffic to your intended sources within a short period of time. Not sure about trending topics? Check out Google trends here.

7. Sharing to Facebook & Twitter

With Twitter and Facebook ranking as the top most popular social platforms, you should leverage on them and share your pins with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

This emphasize the importance of having a meaningful and call-to-action description, because it serves to bring more readers to your boards. To sweeten things even better, you can consider using @TwitterUser and #hashtags inside your description to amplify your presence on Twitter.

While it may seem tedious to go through a checklist of what to-do and what not-to-do, you can be assured of more traffic, repins, followers, comments and creating a strong branding for your company and products.



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