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Pinterest is a new playground for users, and a new battlefield for marketers. While we are able to see how many re-pins and likes each image gets, we have no idea how many click-through there are. Just like driving on a foreign land, or doing battles, we need a map and intel in order to determine our marketing direction, decipher consumers’ behavior, and score a victory. To do that, I’ll recommend using Pinerly to measure Pinterest traffic. Pinerly is on beta – to get a sneak preview on the tools, you can get on the invitation list, and you will be notified when your account is ready. This is a quick overview on what you can expect from Pinerly – a pioneer, and probably will be the best tool, to measure your Pinterest marketing campaigns.

Pinerly features

To create a campaign, there are 2 ways:

  1. Creating an campaign using an external link
  2. uploading a picture from your computer

After selecting the image, you will be prompted to enter the link where you want to direct people to from the pin, and a short description of the pin. There are 7 ways to make a pinning perfect, and one of the way is having a relevant and interesting description which encourages click through.

How to create Pinerly campaigns

How to create Pinerly campaigns

Pinerly tips on Pinterest

When creating the campaign, there is an option to enable or disable the “Click-through tracking”. Enabling the option gives you the ability to measure the total number of clicks to the final destination URL by using as the source. This helps to know know what converts and what doesn’t. However if you are not concerned about the conversion, and only interested on the number of likes and re-pins, you can de-select this option.

Pinerly shows how effective your campaigns were over a period of time. Metrics currently available are Likes, Repins, Click-thrus and Reach. Users are able to sort their campaigns by clicks or recent campaigns. Below is a pin and board that I just created for this Pinerly review.

Reach is the number of Pinterest users that your image can reach, and this includes the followers of re-pinners. Therefore the more repins you have, the large audience you have.

Pinerly Pinalytics - breakdown of campaign stats

Other than creating and tracking the performance of your Pinterest campaigns, Pinerly suggests to you cool images that you can pin on your boards. You can choose from 7 categories: random, stylish, inspirational, cute, beautiful, tasty and useful. A great time saver when you want to have interesting images to pin without aimlessly surfing on the Internet. The images come from many websites and blogs, giving you and your followers more variety. Having all your images from one source may cause your followers to by-pass your boards and go directly to the source instead. By doing so, Pinterest users will find more reasons to follow you since you are doing all the work for them finding the best images, products, or information for each board’s theme. Or if you prefer to repin or get ideas from interesting pinners, you can choose from a list that Pinerly suggests.

Pinerly suggest pins

Scheduling Feature – Not launched yet. A review of this feature will be done once it is available, and I’ll definitely tweet about it. Or you can bookmark and revisit this article later. :)



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2 Responses to Using Pinerly to Measure Pinterest Traffic

  1. Allison Southwick says:

    Is there a list of people following/not following you back on Pinerly? Like Twitter has. If so how do I access it? Thank you very much! Have a great day!

  2. lincoln says:

    Hi Allison,

    This feature is not available yet. It’s on my wish list too :)

    I’ll do an update on this post if Pinerly rolls it out.

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