If you are serious about marketing on Pinterest, then forget about using the default Pin-It bookmarklet from Pinterest. Instead use the Pinerly Bookmarklet to pin your images and measure your marketing campaign results using metrics such number of clicks-thru, likes, repins, and reach.

About two weeks ago, I have written on the features of Pinerly, and how to create campaign from the dashboard. It was kind of cumbersome to keep on creating campaigns just to pin one image. Good thing, feedback have made Pinerly developers realized that having a bookmarklet will make pinning images and creating campaigns so much easier.

For current Pinerly users, you can visit this link for your bookmarklet. If you do not have any Pinerly account yet, do not be disappointed, you can get on the invitation list with this link. Meanwhile, take a look at the screenshots and video below. [update: it seems that Pinerly have rolled down their shutters and no longer in operation, therefore I have removed their bookmarklet and invitations links]

Although Pinerly only mention that the bookmarklet can be installed on Firefox, I have tried it on Chrome and it works perfect.

Pinerly Bookmarklet

After installation, go to the URL with the picture that you want to pin, and click the bookmarklet. There will be a pop-up prompting you to select the picture (if there are multiple in that URL), and for you to create a Pinerly campaign. Edit the description if necessary and enable/disable the Click-through tracking with the radio button. After you are done, click on the “Pinerly It” red button to create the campaign.

Using Pinerly Bookmarklet to create campaigns

Pinerly Bookmarklet - Pin to Pinterest

After the campaign is created on Pinerly, you will be forwarded seamlessly by the bookmarklet, to Pinterest. The screenshot below should be very familiar to users of the default Pin-It bookmarklet. Pin and share to Facebook or tweet.

Entering your image details for Pinterest

Finished PinningPinerly campaign created successfully

Pinerly campaign breakdown stats

To monitor and measure the results of your Pinterest marketing campaigns, simply login to Pinerly for an overview of how it performed. New to Pinterest? Use this 15 tips to kick-start your marketing and gain an advantage over your competitors . For WordPress site owners, don’t miss these free plugins.

Pinerly Bookmarlet (released on May-8th, 2012)



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