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The need to be connected to the Internet in today’s world is similar to the need to eat for majority of the people. The hunger is real and almost everyone of us had been frustrated before when we tried to access information on the Internet but failed as there isn’t any WIFI around and/or there is no mobile coverage (happens when you are underground, lift, areas where coverage is poor or non-existent). If you have ever encountered or plan to avoid such situations again, it is high time to use an offline reader. Also, not forgetting this will reduce your reliance on mobile network & save you money on paid mobile data, if you have earlier downloaded the data using WIFI.

For this particular review, we will only compare the most popular iOS apps: Instapaper and Pocket.


Standard features:

  • The app provides mobile-optimized text view, improving the reading experience of users.Pocket vs Instapaper 1
  • Archive your stuff for future reading again
  • Organize your articles, videos or images by creating folders. I like the fact there is a default folder for youtube and vimeo videos too.
  • If you are a control freak, Instapaper even allows you to manage details such as fonts, size , color themes and spacing options.
  • With this free app, you can also highlight text in any article which is useful when you want to highlight a motivation quote or important stuff.
  • Connect and save to multiple social networks easily


Premium features:
For users hungry for more features, Instapaper Premium provides

  • full text search on articles
  • text-to-speech playlists (pretty cool!)
  • unlimited highlights
  • unlimited speed reading
  • use 3rd party apps that plug into Instapaper API
  • more details here

Pocket (previously Read-it-Later)

Another very popular iOS app for offline reading. Based on information released by the developer, and at this point of writing this review, the app is being used by more than 12 million users.

Standard features:

  • Allows you to save article, videos and more for later viewing.Pocket vs Instapaper 2
  • After finish reading, you can have it archived for future reference.
  • Pocket also gives you the option of sharing the article via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, etc.
  • Gives you the ability to search using title those articles that you have download. Very useful when you have a number of articles to read. Note that this is different from search text within an article which is a paid feature.
  • Another neat feature that makes Pocket different – it is some sort of a “mini social app” with an inbuilt feed that can be populated with interesting reads when you follow people.
  • You can create lists for your followers as well. List can be private or public.

Premium features:
If you are looking for something more features, Pocket Premium has the following:

  • Permanent Library – keep a copy of what you downloaded even after it is no longer available on the Internet
  • Powerful Search – search text
  • Suggested Tag – lets you tag and organize your list

Find out prices & more details about Pocket Premium here.

What’s your most preferred Apple app for viewing articles, pictures or videos offline?




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