pros and cons of a facebook contest
Pros vs Cons – Should You Run a Facebook Contest?

Probably you are wondering is using Facebook contest the only way to make your Page more popular and grow faster. I believe you are also trying to figure are there more pros than cons; and whether is it worth your effort in the end. I was also once in your situation, having doubts on running a contest since I was reluctant to spend money on the prizes. Another concern is with every $1 spent on the contest, can I do better using other marketing tactics? At the end of the day, I went ahead and held a contest, and I am pleased with the results. I can’t make the decision for you to run a contest or not, but probably you can make a better informed decision after going through this list of pros and cons of a Facebook contest.

Let’s start with the pros of a Facebook contest, followed by the cons.

Pros of Having a Facebook Contest

Generate more Traffic
A contest that is run successfully can bring great results and increase traffic to a Facebook Page drastically. For this to happen, we must first create and spread awareness on the contest. Make sure that you are running regular posts and having activities to promote the contest throughout entire duration.

Retaining your Existing Followers and Making them Happy
Having a contest is an awesome way to show your appreciation for your customers and followers. It also shows that you care and remember about them. Most important of all, remind and motivate them to continue following our Pages.

Increase your Page Performance and Growth
Performance on Facebook Page is measured mainly by the number of connections/followers, relationship and engagement. If contests can improve these factors, why not use them? One of the biggest advantages of organizing a contest is it’s ability to increase the number of followers, encourage more social actions from visitors (e.g like, shares and comments), and improve the relationship between you and your followers. For your information, this is one of the factors affecting the visibility of your Facebook Page posts.

Converting more Followers into Subscribers
Not all our Page followers are newsletter subscribers, and not all our subscribers are Page followers. Using contests present to us an opportunity to convert this group of followers into subscribers. To have a better conversion, you may reward the follower with an e-book, provide a compelling reason on why join the mailing list, or simply put it as a requirement to join the contest. But do provide an easy way for them to unsubscribe if they are no longer keen since what we really want are interested users.

Human Nature
Contests get people interested, and prizes get them excited. Do you agree? I believe that everyone of us have joined a contest or competition before, and do we hope to win a prize? Of course we do, even when we are aware that the chances of winning are not high. That’s human nature. Everyone wants to win, and this is one of the reasons why contests can bring results.

Now that we covered the advantages of a Facebook contest, let’s look at what are the disadvantages.

Cons of Having a Facebook Contest

Time, Effort & Money
Holding a contest requires time, effort and money. Depending on how experienced you are and how much resources you have available, running a contest can be taxing. It can also be a disadvantage when it starts to distract, or make you deviate away from doing important tasks.

Results may be Temporary
Contests don’t run forever, unless you keep organizing it regularly. Therefore, contests should only be seen as short term performance-boosters. We cannot be too overly dependent on them for results. Also along the way we may still lose followers and subscribers that we gained during the contest, either due to lost of interest, or these users simply committed those actions (e.g follow Page, subscribe to newsletter) for the sake of joining the contest.

With every marketing campaign, there are always good and bad highlights. A contest is no different. There is always a possibility of individuals complaining or lamenting about how the contest is being run, or how the winner is being decided. When such unhappiness happens, it is really up to the contest organizers to resolve it amiably & quickly before it becomes a big commotion or turn sour. Of course it will be better if there are clear terms and conditions set earlier to avoid and handle such situations.

Final thoughts

Are contests on Facebook worth the effort? What’s your experience? Share with us by commenting below.



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