Mike Auton & Jessica are behind the successful product of Quick Click Commission. The Clickbank product consists of two softwares namely: Amazon Dominator Software, and the Clickbank Dominator Software. Do not be intimidated by the software names, or the concern about learning another programming skill to use the software. The applications are very easy to use, and many successful users who gave testimony and shown in the video here are normal individuals.

Quick Click Commission is all about how to earn quick and easy money from two big online retailers – Amazon and Clickbank. The softwares allows you to generate Amazon or CB product reviews with your affiliate codes embedded. Now that’s only the first part of the equation, because without traffic and visitors, no matter how good a software is, you can’t make money out of it.

Getting traffic is made easy too. Users just need to paste the codes onto Facebook. A FB account with a few thousands of friends should do well. If you do not have many friends on your Facebook, do not worry as there are many guides on the net that can guide you on gaining more friends, or “outsourcing” it.

Using Mike’s software, it is very easy to find specific products that you want to promote and generate the corresponding reviews in a few clicks. If you can promote popular books, music, sports-related, computer niches, and the lists goes on. In my opinion, Amazon is really a good opportunity to make lots of money out of it. It’s a big and well-known brand, and when there’s a demand for a product, you can expect the item to be sold easily. There are many products that can promoted, and you’ll never run out of items to talk and share on Facebook. Remember not to spam on FB, otherwise risk getting your account suspended or banned.

This money making strategy is based on a very simple concept and 2 steps only – just generate the reviews, and share them on Facebook. Rinse and repeat and see the money rolling in. For best results, it will work to your advantage to read up on the tips & guides on how to market successfully on Facebook. Also, Mike & Jessica provides a training section that show you how to create, promote and gain more sales on Facebook

Quick Click Commission doesn’t require any websites, no technical knowledge/skills required either. What you need to succeed is only time & effort. In all high possibility, you’ll not be able to make thousands of dollars as claimed, unless you are a very experienced internet marketer, or you have many many Facebook accounts for you to launch this on a massive scale. However making a several hundreds for starters should be realistic. The product comes with 60 days money back guarantee, so no harm giving yourself a chance.




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