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Surprisingly not many people are using Facebook Publishing Tools to schedule content for their Facebook Pages. In this article, there are two sections. First, I’ll share how to use Facebook Scheduled Posts. After which, I’ll then proceed to reveal the 7 key differences of Facebook scheduling tool compared to other third party scheduling applications. Let’s start!

How to Use Facebook Scheduled Posts Tool

To schedule your posts, go to Publishing Tools > Scheduled Posts, then click on +Create to compose.

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Next click on the clock icon, and put in the time that you want your content to be posted. At the time of writing this article, I note that using setting the date & time with the clock icon is only limited to the day itself. So if you want your post to be scheduled way ahead in the future, no worries, you can modify the date & time to what you want by clicking on the Schedule button.

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Now that you are familar with how to schedule posts using Facebook Publishing Tools, let’s look at the 7 ways that makes it better than normal third party scheduling tools.

1. Get to Choose your Preferred Audience

What makes the Facebook Scheduled Posts powerful is it’s ability to allow us to add location to our post, set the date & time, and indicate our preferred audience (using interests).

Indicating our preferred audience, or restricting our post using demographics is a very handy tool to maximize our efforts. It is also advantageous for us to target appropriately so that we can put forward relevant and interesting content to the right audience, which is essential for better visibility of our Facebook posts.

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2. Locations for Retail Business or Offers

If you are running a retail business or your content is related (or referring) to a particular place, setting the location is a good idea since it gives your audience a context to refer to. This is also effective for business owners who prefer to run and manage only a single Facebook Page rather than multiple Facebook Pages for each and every store/country.

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3. Get to Schedule Photos in Different Ways & Slideshows

Another feature that makes Facebook Scheduled Posts different from other 3rd party scheduling tool, is that the former gives you options to create photo album, photo carousel and even slideshows. If you want to more variety in displaying your photos, Facebook Scheduled Posts is the way to go.

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4. Get to Schedule Offers & Events

With Facebook inbuilt scheduling tool, we have the ability to schedule posts for offers, events and milestones. This is something that cannot be achieved using conventional 3rd party tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite. Therefore if you are running offers or having events on a regular basis, you may want to give serious thoughts to switch to using this Facebook tool for better management. It also prevents you from forgetting to post on a particular event, or milestone since you can schedule all these way ahead.

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5. Get to Schedule as Many Posts as You Want

One big benefit using Facebook Scheduled Posts, is that it allows you to schedule as many posts as you want. I think this makes it a great tool for both beginners and experienced users. For beginners, you don’t have to cough out any money to make use of this free & powerful tool to schedule Facebook posts. For experienced users, if you are sharing lots of contents on a regular basis, this is both a time and money saver since you can just plan and schedule a few weeks or even months of posts.

6. Get to Backdate your Posts/Content

If you have not been sharing content regularly on your Facebook Page, and your timeline is appearing empty at certain points of time, don’t worry, we can use Facebook scheduling tool to fix it. Backdating a post works the same way as scheduling a post, just click on the clock icon, and put in the date & time. Just take note and not have the post start earlier than your Page creation.

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7. No Ads or Self-Promotion Link

Another not so apparent advantage of using the Facebook scheduling tool, is that there isn’t any self-promotion link from the 3rd party scheduling tool you are using. For example, in the screenshot below, it showed that the post is being published by twitterfeed. Although not really a big issue, it can sometimes distract the audience since they may be curious about it.

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Final thoughts

Although the Facebook scheduling tool is free, don’t think too lightly of it since it’s packed with features and is really an effective tool to manage content for your Facebook Page. Are you using any 3rd party scheduling tool that you think is better? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.



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