It’s never easy to manage a business, no matter big or small. There are many responsibilities, and tasks of course, in running a business. Marketing and sales are top priority for companies. If you are a business owner looking for ways to expand your company profile, create awareness on your products, or to build brand loyalty, then having a Facebook page is one important step you need to take. Let’s look at the top 11 reasons why many business owner like you put their trust and vote on using Facebook page to take their company to greater heights.

1. Facebook search

Having a page on Facebook provides an excellent social platform to bridge you and your audience together. Even if your page is new, Facebook users can still search and find your page. With over a billion of active Facebook users every month, is there any other social platform that have more users than Facebook? Unfortunately there is none. It is a gold mine for many business and individuals to pursue their interests. No matter what your interest or objectives are, starting a Facebook business page cannot be wrong.

facebook page benefit 1

2. Rich source of leads

Many business owners are starting to use Facebook pages because a page acts as a medium for visitors to find out more about their company and products. More importantly, it is a very good way to use pages to capture more leads and drive more sales. One of the main motivating factor to have a business page on Facebook is because customers and visitors tend to interact more on pages typically because it’s a social network. To generate leads from pages, there are a number of ways such as:
  • holding promotions and contests
  • replying to visitors’ questions on products or services
  • answering existing customers queries
  • encourage customers to share feedback, testimonies or reviews
  • if reviews are bad, take the opportunity to resolve and clear it up

3. Free to use, with the option to scale up with Facebook ads

It’s hard to say no when using a Facebook page is free and one of the most effective ways to engage with our audiences online.

But what if you are not getting the results you wanted, or the rate that the page is growing is below your expectations? Using Facebook ads is the answer. With a modest budget, proper marketing strategy and effective use of ads, you can definitely boost the number of likes and shares of your Facebook page. Ads also provides an alternative source of traffic to increase activities on your page, raise awareness and bring more visitors to your page.

Compared to traditional ways of obtaining customers and reaching out to the potential market, Facebook ads are much more cost effective. Not convinced? A case study was done by WebMarketingToday, and it showed how the client allocated just $1500 of budget on Facebook ads, and managed to reached out to 92k of Facebook users, received 11k clicks and gained close to 11k new followers.

 4. Call to Action

One of the best features that I loved about Facebook pages is the Call to Action. The feature allows you to set one action that want your visitor to do. Actions can be in the form of contact us, watching a video, visiting your website, using your app, etc. By having the Call to Action button displayed strategically just below the page’s cover photo, it helps to encourage and drive users to perform actions. To create your Call to Action, simply choose the type of action you want, and provide the link to it. This is a neat feature to increase your the level of engagement and number of interactions with your audience.
facebook page call to action
facebook page call to action

5. Having insights on your Facebook page

It’s all about numbers and the bottom line for companies and organizations. Numbers tell a story, and Facebook provides you valuable insights on how your page is performing. Information that you can obtain via Insights (located below the Facebook search bar) are:
  • how many people your post reached,
  • the number of likes you received,
  • the number of clicks and activities,
  • the number of pages views,
  • demographics of those who visited your page, and much more.
facebook page insights

6. Able to connect to 3rd party apps

Another thing that I like about Facebook, is the ability to integrate a 3rd party app with the page. The bad news is that since Facebook removed the Apps directory in 2011, the only way to find your app is by searching using Facebook search bar. This is not exactly the best method, but SocialMediaExaminer has complied a list of useful apps that you can installed on your Facebook page. Check out the list here.

The screenshot below shows the Aweber app that I have installed on the page. If you are curious on how it’s done, you can check the post by Aweber.

facebook page benefit 2

7. Target your audience easily

With a Facebook page, it’s super easy to target your potential customers either geographically,demographically, or both. If you are a local business/place, you can quickly narrow down the targeted audience when you are creating a new Facebook business page, or modify it from Settings > Preferred Page Audience.
If you cannot find the link to modify your Preferred Page Audience, try this method
  • click the tab About (located below the cover photo)
  • scroll all the way down and find your Facebook Page ID
  • visit the URL below after replacing the red text with your own page ID
 The following are options that you can use to narrow down to your most preferred audience.
small business use facebook page

 8. Increase traffic to your website

There are many sources that contribute traffic to our websites. Traffic can be from organic searches, paid searches, PPC, direct, social networks and more. Taking advantage of a Facebook page, we can use it to drive traffic from the page to the website. With more and more users spending time (excessively) on Facebook, it is not surprising that there are customers who first discover your product or business from a Facebook page. Therefore, start building a business page if you have not, and use it to bring more traffic to your website.

9. Mobile friendly

One of the factors that may convince you to start a Facebook page is that it looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, data had shown that the users’ engagement on social networks are higher on mobile devices compared to desktop users. Take a look over here and here.

With technology changing consumer habits, more and more consumers are using mobile phones and tablets for content consumption, and since the page/content are all mobile-optimized (via apps) and provides a solid user-experience, why not ride on it.

Another reason why we should love mobile user is because they typically stay logged onto their mobile apps and carry their device everywhere, making it easy for them to follow your page updates and do engagement. If your company website is not mobile-optimized yet, it’s advisable that it be done soonest possible. For WordPress blog owners, find out how to use plugins to make your blog mobile friendly here.

10. Portray a professional image by using Facebook pages

Having a business page on Facebook is norm, maybe even a need especially if your targeted customers are all savvy users. Managing your company’s communications and content with a Facebook business page is highly advisable as it communicates professionalism to your audience. If you have appointed an admin to run your pages, do ensure that he is able to manage it in a professional way and not be prejudiced by his own views or opinions.

11. Manage anytime and anywhere

It doesn’t get any easier or convenient when you can manage your Facebook pages from mobile devices. With mobile phones, you can reply to questions or comments from your visitors within minutes. Have an inspiration or interesting content while you are lying on the beach? Share your sudden thoughts on the page immediately before you forget.

Final thoughts

What are your main motivating reasons to use Facebook pages?



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