Sometimes search engines can take ages to crawl your websites, and on the Internet, even 1 day seems too long.  Before our content can even be indexed, we will need it to be crawler, that is why getting search engines crawlers to your blog is necessary. And notifying all the search engines individually can be a time-consuming tasks if you have many blogs and posts to handle.

I have been using a free online tool called Pingfarm for a long time, and it works great for me. It is simple and fast to mass ping all the new posts that you have created recently. Just paste all the URLs you want to ping, and click the button “Mass Ping”.

search engines crawlers


Pingfarm allows you to upload text files containing your URLs too. If you are creating backlinks on a daily basis, this is a cool tactic that you can use. Personally what I do is create individual txt files for each backlinking strategy that I use (see below), and upload all the URLs and bulk ping them!

  1. Article Marketing – create a list of the your content URLs on article directories
  2. Profile Links – create a list of forum profile links. Note that the profile link should be public view-able.
  3. Comments – seems overkill but you can do it too
Pingfarm pings to the following services:
  • Synic8
  • Weblogalot
  • Topic Exchange
  • PostRank
  • Superfeedr
  • NewsGator
  • Blogdigger
  • Icerocker
  • Google Blog Search
  • SkyGrid
  • Feed Burner
  • My Yahoo!
  • BlogStreet
  • News Is Free
  • Spinn3r
  • Collecta

However just to be on the safe side, do not “abuse” this tool too much, by pinging excessively. Doing so may cause search engines to mark your blog as spam – doing more harm then good.



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