Without much hype and any prejudice, here’s SEO Money Trainer review: it is a information and action-pack SEO course for beginner to advance internet marketers. Action-packed because you need learn and implement the strategies. This is not a press-here-get-money deal. For the first time, Robert (the coach) is revealing to us how he managed to go from dead broke to making over $3k in just 10 days. The link to the free class is at the end of the entire review.

For WordPress site owners, you will find that this is perfect, as some of the videos relate to it. However the concepts on SEO are universal and are applicable on all platforms. After taking up Robert’s courses, I have been implementing it on my websites including www.imstash.com, and have seen noticeable results in terms of traffic, leads and sales.

SEO Money Trainer Review

A testimony on Robert’s SEOMoneyTrainer courses

At the moment, the course is made up of 2 modules (see screenshot below). Module 3 is advance SEO training and it’s locked and will only be released to members who have been around for 30 days. This is to prevent information overload, which I agree is a good move. There’s no point jumping to module 3 on a weak foundation. Completing the training and executing the strategies in module 1&2, probably will take about 2-4 weeks (depending on your speed). By then you should be ready for Module 3 when it’s unlocked, and you can start using the advance strategies to edge out those competitors that you are fighting aggressively with. As a side note, the first 2 modules can bring significant results already! I have been given the exclusive privilege to have access to Module 3, and I tell you it really is damn worth the price I paid.

Training Modules of SEOMoneyTrainer

When you login to the members section, you will see Module one & two containing a total of 9 training sections. On these training videos and guides, you will learn:

SEOMoneyTrainer Members Areas

  1. An overview of SEO – establishing the golden rules and dispelling myths
  2. How to make money without a list, and how to actually profit from other’s lists!
  3. On page and off page SEO
  4. How to setup your blog and optimize it for SEO
  5. Guides on how to use free and paid tools (totally optional) to get results and rank your keywords
  6. How to identify quality backlinks, and where to find more backlinks to push up your website’s postion. Don’t waste time and effort creating backlinks that have no value.
  7. How to use autoresponders and how to increase your subscription rates in leaps and bounds
  8. Keyword research and training with Adwords. All the Keyword Research softwares are pulling data from Adwords, so why not learn how to use it instead.
  9. A unique backlinking system to get you those golden backlinks
  10. Bonus: best pratices related to Google’s recent updates
  11. and much more.

Is it Worth it?

SEO Money Trainer courses is at USD197 (one time, non-recurring). I know people will go ‘wow’, but here are the reasons why you should consider it:

  1. There are videos, not just walls of text or pictures unlike an ebook which generally cost between $9 to $49, and are usually rehashed information and ideas.
  2. There are video guides on how to use online tools (both free and paid) to get yourself the ranking, and climb higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  3. The fact softwares, plugins, and online tools are used underlie one important fact – Robert owns and use them to get his results using his techniques which you must learn. You only learn ways that have been proven to get results
  4. No more wasting time on searching the Internet on what’s good or bad practices.
  5. Discover the right ways, and best practices to use for SEO engineering. In a way you save money, not spending on useless stuff that don’t get results, or implementing fatal strategies that send you to SEO-hell.
  6. No more figuring out who’s right and who’s wrong on SEO forum discussion threads. You have the answers now.
  7. If results is an indicator of a product or course worth, then I’ll say yes, especially when I had first-hand results.
  8. A real product/coaching – looking at the amount of guides and videos created by Robert, you can easily figure how much time and effort he put in. And that’s excluding the number of NG takes while shooting the video. :)
  9. The best way is probably to attend the first class and judge for yourself.

Attend the free class on SEO Money Trainer here. (aff link)




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