A 4 steps guide to setting up Thunderbird with Hostgator and apparently this worked with most Web Hosting Providers tooAfter using Outlook, and Outlook Express for a long time, I grew sick of it, and wanted to try something new. So Thunderbird is my choice, since there are so many good reviews and users. Basically Thunderbird is FREE, Fast, and allows plug-ins for nerds like me.

I googled for information on setting up Hostgator with Thunderbird unfortunately the search results didn’t help much. Keep having auth problem, etc, etc.

4 Steps to Setting Up Thunderbird with Hostgator:

Choose Tools>Account Settings to Add a New Mail Account. Note that I have already added 2 mail accounts as shown in the picture. If your Thunderbird is a fresh installation, you’ll only see one set of mail account on the left-side.

Step 2: Enter your email account details.

Account Name: email@yourdomain.com (e.g. admin@yourdomain.com)
Email Address:  email@yourdomain.com (e.g. admin@yourdomain.com)

Step 3: Entering the Server Settings

Server Name: mail.yourdomain.com  
Note the “mail” is fixed, as an example, mail.imstash.com
User Name: email@yourdomain.com (as in Step 2)

Don’t choose the STARTTLS option, I have problem with that. But if it works for you, then fine.

Port choose 110.

Step 4: The last step is to change the settings for Thunderbird Outgoing Server (SMTP)

Pretty much self-explainary if you look at the picture.

The port use 25. But if you have any issues with the ISP or for whatever reason, give 26 a try.

Hope this guide is useful. If it doesn’t work, let me know.

Goodbye Outlook Express, or Windows Mail!



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