With so many social media platforms, we have to try our best to share our content to as many of them as possible using the least time. On this post, we explore 2 easy ways to share Google+ updates to social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  The first method auto-updates every 30 mins to your Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin accounts. The 2nd method is manual sharing, but has it advantages since you can share to more networks and you have full control on what goes around.

1. Using Twitterfeed and zipl.us

This is a pretty cool method that we can use to auto-post our Google updates

  1. Go to zipl.us and create a shorten & beautiful URL for your Google+ profile. You just need to enter your Google+ ID (string of numbers you can find on your Google+ profile), and ziplus will create a URL for you e.g. http://zipl.us/imstash
  2. After doing that you will have a RSS Feed for your Google Plus stream e.g. http://zipl.us/imstash/feedCreating an account with zipl.us

Next go to Twitterfeed, create an account if you don’t own any.

  1. Create your RSS feed for Google Plus updates. Copy & paste the shorten RSS URL created by zipl.us into the “Blog URL or RSS Feed URL” field.
  2. Click on “test RSS feed” to make sure it’s correct and working.
    Setting up Twitterfeed to sync with Google Plus
  3. Tweak the advance settings according to your preferences. The fastest is every 30mins, and you can choose 1-5 new updates at a time. Other settings include post prefix & suffix for your tweets, and keyword filtering. For full details, refer to the twitterfeed guide here.
  4. After creating the feed, you can configure where you want to update your Google+ posts to. Only 3 social media networks are support currently: Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Authenticate and give twitterfeed access to them. While it’s only limited to these 3, they belonged to the top 5 most popular social media networking site. For those interested, here’s the ranking from first – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Tagged.

Twitterfeed RSS Setup Completed
2. Selective & Manual Sharing with Chrome Extension

Using Chrome, and the extension “Extended Share for Google+” , we can share our Google+ updates fast and easily. Not giving the direct download link since it may change. Please go to the Web store, and search for it. After installation and selecting the social networks, you will see the sharing short-cut at the bottom of your Google Plus post.

The Chrome extensions supports up to 19 networks currently: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Identica, Posterous, Reddit, ping.fm, hyves, Netvibes, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Google Blogger, Digg, Google Book marks, Add This and Live Journal.

Extended Google Plus Sharing Options

Extended Google Plus Sharing Options

Sharing Google+ Updates to Facebook

Sharing Google+ Updates to Facebook

Hope that helps everyone to save some time, so that all of us can go out and play & relax – in the REAL WAY!

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