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Sick Submitter

Here in this Sick Submitter Review, I’ll reveal part-by-part what this tool is all about. Honestly, when I first heard about Sick Submitter. I was thinking why call it “sick”? The name doesn’t sound good to me, but it got me interested enough to find out what it is about and eventually convinced me to become an user . Sick Submitter is almost all-in-one marketing tool for many internet marketers and entrepreneurs. You can do a huge and wide variety amount  of backlinking which I’ll list below.

Features of Sick Submitter

Below is an overview of the marketing tool. Some of them are self-explanatory.

  1. Profile Submitter –  it can handle the registrations, confirmation and login details of all the forums you select. Basically the front-to-end is all taken care of, you just need to load the forums, and submit.
  2. Directory Submitter – directories to gain more exposure for your blog(s)
  3. Bookmark Submitter
  4. Multi-thread submission – for quick submission. Essential when you are dealing with huge list of sites.
  5. Links for ALL your sites (Unlimited Links) – backlinking for all your blogs! Don’t bother buying or exchanging links.
  6. Ability to create your own Link Packets with a Simple Wizard – this is proprietary  to Sick Marketing. In layman terms, Packets are like groups/categories of links
  7. Automatically Inserts your Targeted Link
  8. Ability to code your own Templates for different platforms
  9. Full Link Creation Report – For tracking purposes. You can export the links to use with other softwares that you own.
  10. Article Submitter – Bulk submit your content to article directories.
  11. RSS Submitter
  12. One-Touch Email Confirmation and Validation
  13. The Best Spinner integration – this is another separate software that spins articles. Useful if you already or intend to own the product
  14. Supports Captcha Breaking – Massive time saver. Don’t sit infront of the computer and manual crack captcha
  15. One-Touch Pinging of Created Profiles
  16. Full Tracking of all Created URLs
  17. Harvest, test and rotate publicly available proxies

The Interface

When you login to Sick Submitter, what you see is a clean look with all the different types of SEO work you can do. Most of the time I use the software for forum profile submission, after which I extract the live profile links (allows you to keep track of your SEO progress/success), and finally do a pinging of those backlinks to get the search engines to index the links faster.

Although a very comprehensive software, it’s pretty easy to learn, since there are short guides under each section. For starters, you can start at one module (e.g. Profile Submitter) – master that, then move on to another module (Bookmarking sites).

Sick Submitter Software Interface

Considerations for Sick Submitter

  1. This is a monthly subscription. Monthly cost of $19.99, or yearly at a discounted $189.99. Probably I shouldn’t even list this a disadvantage, because Sick Submitter (SS) is updated constantly, and with the tool, you can doing a variety of backlinks that not many software does. SS is also supported by a huge following of users and the creators. You can always find support on Sick’s forum.
  2. The current version of Sick Submitter 3 doesn’t allow you to do much on your laptop or PC as it’s kind of resource intensive. And you may have problem surfing the internet when you are running it on proxies. However you can use their beta version, which I am doing. There are a few bugs here and there – but seldom critical. And bugs are inevitable for every software, this is most true when a software is constantly upgraded with more features and power.
  3. Don’t let the monthly cost stop you from using one of the most powerful automated tool for backlinking. If you are sitting on the fence, try out the free trial first before deciding.

PS: A little reminder to you, there’s alot of insider talk that the price of Sick Submitter is going to increase to $29.99 per month, so if you are serious about your business, take action and lock-in the price at $19.99 before it goes up without notice.

Update: since Aug-2013, Sick Network is known as MainWP.



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