skypeIf you have just upgraded your Skype and having a glitch that causes the application to keep prompting you to select and take a picture for as profile pic whenever you start the application, here is how you fix it. First, look for the config.xml file in the Skype folder and edit it using a text editor, e.g Notepad. See below instructions for more details on how to do it.

Before you start editing the config file, exit from your application first. Next, please do a backup of your config.xml file.

Ok, now let’s locate your config.xml file. I’m running on Vista, so the exact folder location may not be the same as this. But you can definitely find it in \AppData\.


Next, open up with notepad to edit, add in the 2 lines in bold under the <General> section. Copy and paste the 2 lines just after <AvatarPath>.

<AvatarPath>the location of your avatar</AvatarPath>

Now restart your Skype again, and the prompt should not appear anymore.



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