Social Media Explained

Social Media Explained with much wits, humor and precision lol

Wow, I don’t know who is the one who did this. But he’s a genius, and I’ll have LIKED it if I see this on Facebook haha :) . This pretty much sums up everything in social media. Depending on your product,¬†targeted¬†buyers, or readers, we can do so much better in our marketing strategy by choosing the appropriate social network to work with. I’ll just outline the top 3 that I like best.


Say if you are selling car accessories, and you want to get more exposure, then doing a demo or showing how your product works is so much better and effective on Youtube, then just using Twitter. I’m not ruling out twitter as a media tool, twitter is still useful for gaining views/traffics to your website. But to sell the idea, or product, youtube will be better since it offers a visual and audio treat to your audience.


Twitter is really for connecting to people, but usually it’s more effective to use it as a broadcast channel. Using it to communicate one-to-one with clients, I think you’ll go mad. Better to go for email, or Skype chats… hmmmm, or you can hangout with Google+, it’s the new kid on the block and I have yet to test it out. You can add up to 9 individuals and it’s pretty cool in my opinion.


Wooo, this is really a big thing. If you are not using this for your social marketing, you are missing out alot. You can put up videos, text, and pictures to update your friends, business associates, or even your readers via fan pages. Get enough “Likes” and your content can even go viral, and that’s going to bring you huge traffic that you can convert into sales, or publicity if that’s your company marketing objective. The “Like” is kind of like a endorsement too, I’m sure you know what I mean – when you see a content that have many likes, you’ll want to find out more about it, since the video, text, or picture is mentally rubber stamped with a “TRUST” and it’s “GOOD” logo.

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