The Springpad new version while flawed is amazing and not to be missed! Many changes, and one big noticeable difference is the Quick-Add bar, which makes adding notes easily and with no-fuss. Plus, this major release is visually more attractive (than it’s previous version) as it draws reference from Pinterest. While there are slight glitches here and there, this update is gonna bring back lost users, and gain new users. If you are a user of Evernote, you should consider using Springpad because this is a great tool to use for managing personal matters & activities with the types of notes ranging from tasks, checklists (think travel & shopping), persons, movies, music, places, products, recipes, TV shows, wines. At the moment, I’m using Evernote and Springpad to organize my work and personal activities respectively.  Ex-users should give Springpad a 2nd chance and review it again*.

* I’m not paid in any manner by Springpad to say this.

the New Springpad - big revamp on interface & features!

Below is the bar that you see on Springpad browser version. You can add URLs to bookmark, remind you on the posts to read, or keep it as a note for reference.

Adding notes to the New launched Springpad with the browser version

The New Springpad - Adding stuff fast & with no-fuss

On the mobile versions, using the “Quick Add” bar (pic below), you can quickly add from 4 kinds of notes: photo, audio, barcodes, and nearby places. Can’t find any you want? Click on the “+” symbol, and select from the drop down list.

Springpad quick add interface on iphone

Springpad quick add interface on mobile devices

Adding notes is faster as Springpad now suggests the type of note you want to add based on your input. Typing popcorn, and it automatically shows you a list of relevant searches. Depending on what you type, you can add it as a recipe, shopping list, task, or information on popcorn locations.

Can’t find what you intended? Try the Advanced Search.

Springpad Smart Add exampleAdding notes to the new Springpad easily

For specific notes such as movies, Springpad suggests and provides you information related to the movie such trailers, pictures, reviews, and showtimes. For book/wine lovers, by entering the name of the wine/book, you can read about that it’s review, and places to buy the item from.

Another new feature is the ability to collaborate on notes with your friends and colleagues. This is a much requested feature, and I was glad to see it implemented in this major release. Sharing notebooks allows us to work on e.g. projects and shopping lists easily. Want to buy new furniture for your house? Take pictures and store all the related notes (cost, dimensions, colors, store location) to cross-reference and share with your spouse.

You can add your meetings reminders easily with the smart bar, by typing “meeting Jessie next Thurs”, Springpad is able to identify it as a Calendar event, and intelligenientlly suggest to you the actual date for you to add. Cool!

Springpad provides existing feature gives us the flexibly to saving and uploading our notes via email. Find out what is your secret email address at Settings-> Services. When adding your note, you can be more specific by editing on the email subject line to look something like this:

Title @notebook and #tags
Task: Arrange for courier collection of documents from lawyer’s office #urgent #business

Referring to Notes done by Springpad users

Need information on before you select a cruise tour from the operators? Why not search and refer to notes done by someone who had conducted price checks, reliability of operators, and which cruise is the most fun. Similarly, you can following interesting notepads, or follow your colleague who’s a foodie, and a friend who’s a computer geek. Easily get references and notes from people that you trust and believe are good in their stuff.

Following public Springpad notebooks that interest you

A community of Springpad users that you can follow or be followed on everything under the sun

Integration with other Social Media Networks

What I like most is the Service Integration which gives us the ability to sync our Google Calendar, and create contacts from Facebook, post notes to the FB wall, and tweet notes. This is a big time saver, as I don’t have to manually update each of them and ensures that all my data are updated (especially calendars events).

Other options that you can use include: backup your data (essential), import bookmarks from delicious, and manging the control of your notebooks RSS feeds.




Lincoln is a fan of Apple products, loves red wine and traveling. He blogs on internet marketing, social media, wordpress tips & guides, and using technology to maximize efficiency. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook for regular updates.

3 Responses to Springpad New Version Launched & Why you should Use it

  1. Larry B says:

    Sorry, but I think the update is horrible. I want to use Springpad as an organizational tool, not to be inundated with extraneous visual noise and distraction. I don’t want to get bogged down with an endless stream of images loading. Before the update it was elegant, easy to use. Now it is overstuffed and annoying. Absolutely the wrong direction to go.

  2. lincoln says:

    No prob Larry. I agree with you on the part that it’s visual-heavy in this update. I find that Springpad looks better on a bigger screen compared to using it on, say, an iPhone. The constant connecting to the internet and loading of images is an issue I can identify with. I’m looking forward to Springpad fixing it up, and I know they are listening to feedback from us too.

  3. Richard says:

    I used Springpad for awhile and loved it, but I think I have to dump it as the new update is just too big, it takes up 1/3 of the screen collectively at the top and bottom and is just a waste. If this is not fixed within the next week, I will move away for good.

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