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Last year, I wrote about Thirsty Affiliates as a basic and essential tool for online marketers. Today I have good news for you – the plugin is now free! If you are looking for more powerful and advance features, you can upgrade later with optional add-ons. Currently, there are 6 add-ons you can purchase off the shelf. Each can work independently, so you just need to buy what you really need. In any case, the main plugin is usually more than enough for beginners.

Here’s what the free plugin can do for you. FREE but POWERFUL:

– organize all your affiliates links onto a central dashboard
– search and update your links quickly
– easy and rapid link shortening and cloaking
– easily insert into posts, pages and even comments
– link up even with images!

The 6 ThirstyAffiliates Add-ons

1) ThirstyAffiliates Autolinker
– as the name suggests, simply provide the add-on with a list of keywords, and Autolinker automatically setups your affiliate links through out your blog or forum. What I like most is that it allows you to control how many times the keywods are linked, so that you don’t appear too spammy to search engines or users.

2) ThirstyAffiliates CSV Importer
– if you are fond of organizing your affiliate links into a excel or CSV spreadsheet, this is the one for you. The add-on allows you to import hundreds or even thousands of affiliate links quickly.

3) ThirstyAffiliates Geolocations
– need different links for users from different countries? This unique add-on allows you to do that with ease. This is also really useful when we are launching campaigns or promotions that are only available for specific countries.

4) ThirstyAffiliates Scheduled Links
– this is my personal favorite! Simple add-on, but VERY valuable. Imagine you already have 50 links promoting a product, and on X’MAS day, there is a special promotion, and you need to swap it with the promotion URL…and after the promotion you need to RE-EDIT it – that’s changing of 100 links! With this add-on, the affiliate links with be automatically reverted back when the time-sensitive campaign is completed.

5) ThirstyAffiliates Stats
– want to increase your sales and be more effective? The stats add-on gives you a breakdown of the clicks, the conversions and an overall view of how your affiliate links (or campaigns are faring.

6) ThirstyAffiliates Google Click Tracking
– For Google Analytics users who want to crunch more data, this add-on automatically adds Google Click event tracking code automatically.

Try it now. Download the official plugin free on BTW, before you go, remember to check out my article on fast and easy steps to increase your online profits!



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