Thirsty Affiliate - Cloaking Affiliate LinkA review on Thirsty Affiliates, a WordPress plugin developed by Josh Kohlbach.

Internet Marketers making affiliate marketing a big part of their business should do well with a reliable and quality product to cloak or beautify their affiliate links. If you run a wordpress blog, this is a plugin that you shouldn’t miss. It will make your life so much easier. Using plugins like this, have saved me tons of time, and increased my productivity to higher levels. OK, let’s take a look at why this is useful for you and your pockets.

Common Problems Encountered by Affiliates

  1. Links that are “ugly” or even looking suspicious, and buyers don’t really want to click them. Especially when it seems to be lead to another 3rd party website. So no clicks = no $$$
  2. Links management difficulty – Time consuming tasks, such as making affiliate links “no-follow”, having them open in a new window. Trivial tasks should be done quickly, so that we can just move on tasks that can make us $$$.
  3. The performance and sales of a product is always on the head of an IMer, and in order to determine the success of an affiliate program – one of the ways is to track the clicks on the link and the conversion rates. Usually this is an hassle as we have to login to different platforms to see the statistics. If you can’t find out what’s going right or wrong for your money projects, then you are shooting in the dark – good luck.

Highlights of Thirsty Affiliates

Adding a prefix before your cloaked link’s slug. E.g. /products/. This is useful for 2 reasons.  First it makes it easier for you to differentiate and determine the progress of the aff program. Second, you can block the robots from crawling /products/ using your robots.txt file. Having too much of these links indexed, isn’t going to do you any good in light of Google’s panda update.

Adding prefix for your affiliate links

Adding prefix for your links

If you hate coding (even HTML) like me, then you will be pleased to know that adding links is so easy, you can create a regular or image link easily with Thirsty Affiliates.

Making regular or image affiliate links easily with Thirsty Affiliates

Adding regular or image links the easy way

You can take a overview look for all your links with plugin too. Or you can simply or filter them by the link categories. e.g. Amazon/Books, Amazon/Projectors

Easy insertion of affiliates links

Curious to know how each link is performing?

Tracking the clicks within the Thirsty Affiliates plugin

Tracking the clicks within the Thirsty Affiliates plugin

Another thing that I liked about Thirsty Affiliates is that it allows me to export the links from Blog-A to Blog-B. This is super useful feature for me because whenever I wanted to make my blog (Blog-A) from a general to specific niche (Blog-B), I could just export the links to Blog-B, and this saves me time from doing the links all over again, and reduces the possibility of errors when inputting the URLs.

Hit or Miss?

The plugin is available in 2 price models.: Standard ($39) or Premium ($59). For the price difference of only $20, the premium version is better as it offers free life time upgrades, and unlimited licenses. Check out the link above: the premium version gives another 2 bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Both versions comes with a 30 days satisfaction guarantee, so the developer is pretty confident of his product. Plus, the cost of the plugin can easily be justified and recovered when you see your sales heads north all the way. Highly recommended for the price and the value you get from it.


There are no Thirsty Affiliates discount currently. But if Josh comes up with one, I’ll be sure to update you. For exclusive news and occasional discounts, you can sign up simply by entering your name and email on the right-hand-side column of my blog.

Apr 2012 – 30% discount for Thirsty Affiliates Link Management wordpress plugins. Details here



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