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Twitter Search Operators – for Advanced Users

Recently I published an article on how to generate leads using Twitter Advanced Search, and the response from readers had been positive. I received several private requests for a list of Twitter search operators, so that search commands can be entered directly instead of just fiddling with the options within Twitter Advanced Search. And since I do plenty of searches on Twitter, I can see where they are coming from and I agree. Between the two methods of searching, the use of search operators is more superior.

Another reason is because when we are on mobile devices, we don’t get to access the advanced options on the apps. And the alternative way is to login via a browser on the mobile device, but that is cumbersome.

twitter search operators

Apart from reasons given above, there are also other benefits of using the Twitter search operators directly.

  • Twitter only allows you up to have up to 25 saved searches per account. So if you need more than that, you can save all those search commands on another text document separately, and use them accordingly.
  • When using Twitter on mobile devices,there are options to refine the results. But it’s limited. Therefore the only way to overcome this limitation is to be familiar with the search commands, so that you can type them in directly.
  • It can be faster to type the search operators out rather than clicking through the options on Twitter Advanced Search.
  • There are several searches that cannot be performed with Twitter Advanced Search.
Twitter Search Operators Example What it does
All of these words Space between your keywords Internet Marketing Stash This is Twitter default search. It returns results that contains all the words you provided
This exact phrase Enclose your phrase with quotation marks ” “ “marketing 2016” Returns results containing the exact phrase “marketing 2016”. Inclusive of hashtags.
Any of these words Separate your words with the search operator OR (in capital) marketing OR business Search for tweets containing either the word marketing or business.
None of these words Add the subtract symbol – in front of the word. marketing -deal Search for tweets containing marketing but not the word deal.
Hashtags Prefix the word with a hashtag #. #marketing Search for tweets containing the hashtags #marketing
Written in (language) Enter lang:language_shortcode lang:en Tweets in English only
From these accounts from:username from:inc Tweets from the user @inc
To these accounts to:username to:inc Tweets directed to user @inc
Mentioning these accounts Enter the username. No need to prefix with @ inc Tweets that mention @inc
Near this place  near:location within:radius_miles  near:”Washington” within:15mi  Search for tweets sent from Washington within 15 miles. Places can be a city, state, country or location. Refine the search by including a radius defined in miles.
Dates  since:date until:date  “marketing 2016” since:2016-01-01 until:2016-01-31 Search for tweets containing the exact phrase “marketing 2016” written in the month of Jan 2016.
Moods: Positive Append :) after your keyword motivation :) Search for postive tweets on motivation.
Moods: Negative Append :( after your keyword motivation :( Search for negative tweets on motivation. Yes, there are times when we lose motivation :(
Questions?  Append ? after your keyword event ? near:nyc within:15mi Search for questions on events near NYC within 15 miles.
Images Append filter:images after your keyword marketing filter:images Display only tweets that contain the word marketing AND images.
Videos Append filter:videos after your keyword marketing filter:videos Display only tweets that contain the word marketing AND videos.
Media Append filter:media after your keyword marketing filter:media Display only tweets that contain the word marketing AND video or image.
Safe Search Append filter:safe after your keyword politics filter:safe Remove tweets that are potentially sensitive, and only show tweets that contain the word politics.
Tweets with Links Append filter:links after your keyword “successful marketing” filter:links Search for tweets that contain the exact phrase “successful marketing” and with links.
Favorites/Likes Append min_faves:50 after your keyword marketing min_faves:50 Tweets containing the word marketing and have been liked at least 50 times.
Retweets Append min_retweets:50 after your keyword marketing min_retweets:50 Tweets containing the word marketing and have been retweeted at least 50 times.

There aren’t a lot of Twitter Search Operators to memorize. Probably you only need some of them. If you are planning to use them on your mobile devices, save your commonly used searches to a text document on your device. Or you can also bookmark this page for your future reference.

Another thing to note is that to get the most out of your searches, try to combine and use as many search operators together. It can be challenging initially, but you are going to get better with practice. And when you get familiar with the search operators, you can quickly refine your results to cut through all the irrelevant tweets & content, and get to what you want.



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