Are you currently using any scripts or plugins to shows your related posts? Time to change to nRelate! I’m sure many site owners are familiar with Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) or LinkWithin plugins. The CPC network nRelate does more than showing related posts for your particular article or content – it allows you to make money too! Other than showing your reader related content, nRelate inserts ads into the section too.

Important Notice: Unfortunately, since 31 Dec 2014, nRelate had retired all their services and is no longer available.Therefore you may want to consider other alternatives instead.

Why Use nRelate?

  1. Fast & Easy to setup especially with WordPress
  2. Highly customizable
  3. You can choose to show your related posts in thumbnails or text
  4. Using/showing ads is optional
  5. The advertisements fit in perfectly, and doesn’t take up any extra spaces on your blog, nor is it intrusive. You can see the example below – the 3rd and 4th one are sponsored ads from nRelate.

nRelate - making money from related posts

Installing on popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and tumblr is very easy. For those not on WordPress, you can use the Javascript widget. When you login as a nRelate partner, you can enter the URL of your website, and follow the short guides on setting up. Shouldn’t take you more than 10mins.

nRelate Available Platforms

Installing nRelate on WordPress

WordPress users, can download the plugin here. After installation, activate the plugin and navigate to the nRelate menu. On the top of screen, the plugin will inform you on what are the changes required to be made.

1) Find your Partner ID, and enter it into your partner dashboard on

2) Find a suitable thumbnail to use for your blog. If you have the habit of inserting pictures to all your content, this step is optional.

3) For blog owers who use W3 Total Cache (one of the recommended plugins), you have to go to your W3 plugin and do the necessary tweaking.

4) You may have more, depending on what plugins you are using currently.

nRelate wordpress required settings

nRelate Settings

Comprehensive settings that covers almost every blogger’s request
– choose the categories to exclude nRelate
– thumbnails or text
– thumbnail size
– choose the maximum number of posts to display from 0 to 10
– decide on how many ad spaces to show from 0 to 10
– you can put the ads front, end or mixed them up
– choose the level of relevancy from low to high.
– show post excerpt!
– 7 thumbnails gallery for you to choose from or make your own.

nRelate thumbnail gallery display


Earning Reports & Payments

nRelate provides reports on your websites that are running the sponsors ads, and you can check the number of clicks you have received from the reporting dashboard. At the time of writing, nRelate doesn’t provide any real time earnings reports. The reports are only uploaded at the beginning of each month. Payments are all done via PayPal, and paid on the first business day on or after the 15th of the month.

Have you been using nRelate and how’s your results?



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3 Responses to Using nRelate to Engage Readers & Make Money

  1. mike says:

    Hey Lincoln,

    Have you tried the sponsored ads? What kind of CPC rates do you get? I was thinking of trying this as a way to monetize some of my traffic but was wanting to know if it’s worth my while…


  2. lincoln says:

    Hi Mike, it’s a good way to monetize as the ads are non-intrusive, but the blog’s traffic has to be high for it to be “profitable”. It also depends on what niche the blog is in. Personally I don’t use sponsored ads on Even if I do, I try not to stick to 1-2 advertisers, I prefer to have variety for the visitors. :)

  3. IklanLah says:

    Hi Lincoln,

    Thanks for the quick guide. FYI I am new to wordpress and this is my first time using nRelate too. For the life of me I can’t find my Partner ID. Can you help me?

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