How to go about cancelling PayPal subscription is one of the most asked question, and it’s not difficult to understand why since that function is hidden deep within PayPal’s interface. It’s really puzzling why such a simple and probably commonly used feature is hidden. Heh, maybe PP just want you to Pay and Pay.

I have heard from first-time users of Paypal, friends and even marketing friends that have problems finding out what’s being automatically deducted from their Paypal account monthly. Here’s how I cancel subscriptions of services that I no longer need, and how I view active subscriptions.

Cancelling PayPal Subscriptions

Active & Inactive/Cancelled PayPal Subscriptions

To go to the list of Active/Cancelled Subscriptions in PayPal:

  1. First login to PayPal, then from the top of the navigation bar, click My Account.
  2. Then choose History.
  3. Click on the link More Filters, and choose Subscriptions & Agreements > Subscriptions
  4. You’ll then see a list of recent activities and any subscriptions created or cancelled. From here you can do the necessary cancellation of PayPal subscriptions.

Note that what you see on your screen may be different from the images illustrated on this post, since the interfaces can differ from country to country.

Navigating to your list of PayPal Subscriptions

Navigating to your list of PayPal Subscriptions




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