Factors that Can Make a Difference to your Facebook Page Visibility

EdgeRank was an algorithm previously used by Facebook to determine what content or posts should be displayed on a user’s timeline. Although EdgeRank had been replaced by a much more complex algorithm by Facebook since 2011, it’s factors nevertheless plays an important part in determining content visibility that appear on a user’s timeline.

For the benefit of those who are new or curious about EdgeRank, it is basically the summation of 3 factors: Affinity, Weight and Time.

Affinity – user affinity is based on the relationship between the user and content source/creator.

Weight – different weight-age are given for different actions taken by users. Meaning, a share or comment gain a high score compared to a like.

Time – this refers to the age of the content. An older piece of content has a higher tendency of being perceived as irrelevant compared to new content.

With that in mind, we will go through the top 10 factors (including EdgeRank) that determine the visibility of Page posts and how we can go about achieving them.

1. Build relationships with your followers

To be successful on Facebook, the number of connections, and the relationship that you have with your followers are very important. When it comes to posts visibility, Facebook algorithm places considerable importance on relationship. So how is relationship being measured?

One way to evaluate the relationship is the frequency and type of engagement the user reacts to your posts. The more a user engages with your content, the more he is likely to see your posts on his timeline. On Facebook engagement is all about likes, shares and commenting. When Facebook identifies these forms of engaging activities, Facebook increases the visibility of the posts according.

Having mutual friends that are following the Page matters too. If mutual friends of Peter liked a post, that increases the possibility of that post appearing on the Peter’s timeline. Basically that sums up what EdgeRank Affinity is about.

​2. Content relevancy and matching the Facebook user’s profile

Facebook keeps track of users’ activities and preferences because everyone is different in a way. Only by doing so, Facebook can then in it’s best ability show posts that are relevant and interesting to you. Not surprisingly, performance and the activity level of Pages are tracked too. The post’s visibility level is going to be the product of the post’s content and the user’s profile and preferences.

Imagine for a moment, what if Facebook measures and gives you a scorecard on how your perform on based on engagement and relevancy, how is that going to affect your marketing strategies on Facebook and post visibility? To score well, one of the way is to indicate the preferred and restricted audience when you are sharing content. By doing so, you can get the most visibility and engagement out of each post.

facebook page post settings 1

facebook page post settings

3. Type of social actions taken by the user

Facebook is always trying to make the platform relevant and interesting for individuals and business. And one of the way to determine relevancy or interest level is by looking at the social actions that the user takes. Actions can be likes, comments or shares. When Facebook sees there is a reaction from the user, post visibility is adjusted. How much the adjustment is dependent on the type of action taken, since each action is weighted differently. For example a comment is going to have more weight than a like, since it shows that the user feels strongly about the content (whether in a good or bad way). This is the Weight parameter that is mentioned in the EdgeRank formula. Although we are not able to control the type of actions that are taken by the user, we can try to encourage or influence users with content that can drive reactions from users.

​4. Use images and videos for best results and visibility

Walls of text are boring. Most Facebook users are looking for posts or content to be entertained or keep them occupied in an interesting way. If you are hoping to get your users to be more engaging, start to use images and videos generously. Starbuck is a perfect example to show how a simple photo on a cup of coffee can generate lots of social actions from their fans. This photo of iced coffee easily received close to 100k of likes, 1300+ of shares, and over 850 comments.
facebook page more popular with images

5. Find out the best time to post your content

Humans are creatures of habits and we can make use of that fact to our advantage. When it comes to social networking, there are certainly usage patterns that we can capitalize on. To have maximize our post visibility, we need to know what are the usual time intervals where most users are on Facebook. The age of the content (i.e time) is part of the EdgeRank formula, therefore we try to keep our content fresh by sharing strategically during this “peak hours”. I found that CoSchedule did a wonderful and detailed article on the best time to post. Mari Smith also shared that posts published between 10 PM and 11 PM EST get 88% more interactions compared to the average Facebook post.

However, I believe in trial and error too. It’s not that I don’t trust research or stats. It’s just all these studies are based on certain parameters and situations, such that it may not necessary apply to you or me. Demographics and geographical locations are two common and important factors that played a part in determining the “best time”. For example, if your users are mainly from the Asia and not United States, then you need to adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

Personally, I always start all marketing activities based on research and numbers. But along the way, I’ll modify and improve to get the best results.

For a start, you can probably start by posting times that are proven to give better results. Track the results and measure your success, then take necessary follow up actions.

6. Post and engage regularly

Being active on Facebook has it perks. If you are regularly sharing content, Facebook acknowledges that and you get brownie points for your efforts. However do stay relevant and interesting, so that it can lead to more engagement from your fans. Otherwise it can be counter-productive and result in lower visibility of your posts.

7. Reply to feedback and comments

Always reply to comments, be it positive or negative. In fact, negative feedback isn’t too bad if it’s handled well. Below is a screenshot taken from Domino’s Facebook Page. The complaint drew over 60 comments, and that can be a happy ending for Domino since it raised visibility on their posts, especially on those that commented or liked.

facebook visibility pizza 1

8. Request for shares and likes

Another way to have your posts appear more often or be visible in a user’s timeline, is to ask for them. This may not be the best method, but it does works. Just try to be creative in your requests. However do be moderate on your requests since doing this too often may actually backfire if your fans find it too pushy, or spam-like.

9. Allow your Page photos and videos to be tagged

When a Facebook user tag your photos or videos, he is effectively increasing your post reach and making it more visible to the audience that he shared to. However, for this method to work, your content need to be good enough to earn a tag from the user. To allow this, go to your Page Settings > General > Tagging Ability, then tick the box.

facebook page tagging

10. Request your fans to change their settings

Another way to improve visibility is to have posts from your Page appear at the top of the user’s news feed. We cannot effect this change as a Page admin,  and it can only be done via the user’s newsfeed setting. Similar to point #7, suggest or request this tactfully to get the best results. Keep such requests to the minimum possible.

In order for the user to modify the setting, the user first need to like your Page, then modify their News Feed setting to choose See first.

facebook page visibility

Final thoughts

If you are to choose, which do you think are the best 3 ways to improve Facebook Page visibility? Or is there any other factors you believe can make a difference? Let’s discuss!



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