how to make your facebook page more popular

How to Make your Facebook Page Popular

Making a Facebook Page popular is not an easy task. In fact, unless you have big resources backing you, don’t expect it to happen overnight or anytime soon. To be successful, we need to have regular routines and apply good practices in managing Facebook Pages. There are definitely many ways to gain popularity for your Page, but I will only be sharing the top 10 best and effective ways to make your Facebook Page more popular. If you have knowledge of any other method that can bring even better results, please feel free to share at the bottom of the page via comments.

1. Avoid posting excessively

Research and statistics had shown that posting excessively on Facebook Pages brings serious consequences. Excessively posting can be defined as posting too much within a time interval. For example, if you are to share 10 posts spaced out in a day, versus 10 posts done in hour, which posting schedule do you think is going to annoy the user?

No matter how useful you deem the content to be, avoid aggressive posting, as you are likely to annoy the user, may be marked as a spammer, or have your posts hidden from their timeline. If you really need to share a fair bit of posts, try to schedule your content-sharing evenly through out the day, and maintain a consistent routine. In this way, your followers don’t get overwhelmed and are reminded of you constantly throughout the day.

2. Keep your followers entertained and provide valued added content

Content can make or break your Facebook page, that’s why we cannot afford to neglect the importance of content. Other than having quality and unique content, there are numerous factors that determine the engagement level of your audience.

If your content is irrelevant or boring, you can’t really expect much engagement to happen. On top of that, the lack of interesting content makes it even harder to attract new followers. One of the easiest way to overcome this is to add value to your content; say by giving real life examples on how your product/services can be used. By doing so, it benefits your existing customer and strengthens your brand building efforts. Just to further illustrate on the point, we can see how Farmland provides value-added information to their consumers by sharing with them a recipe on how to use their product to make delicious bacon potato soup. Want to get some too?

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The best way to discover what works best is to access the users feedback measured in the form of clicks, likes and shares. Once you have uncover what kind of content typically motivates or drives social action, you can step up in that direction and post more of such content accordingly.

3. Be descriptive on your posts

More often than not, we think too complicated and forgot about the simple things that matters most. To make our Pages popular, and stay that way, is to have content and posts that can excite our audience. With so much content on a user’s news feed, a post need to grab hold of a user’s attention quickly. And it’s not difficult since we can achieve it, by describing how wonderful a product is, and probably why you cannot live without it. Scentbird is a company marketing designers perfume and it did an awesome job describing each and every perfume. Having that perfume is going to transform someone into a sexy and confident person. I believe lots of ladies, maybe even guys, are going to fall for it.

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4. Promotions and discount codes

Using promotions and discount codes never fails to attract attention. It provides an outright incentive and motivation for someone to follow your Facebook Page, especially when you are holding it on a regularly basis.

Also, when it’s easy to win prizes without any pushy sale tactics, people tend to share them to their friends, family, or colleagues. If you want to make your Page popular quickly and drive more engagement activities, this is one tested and proven method that works.

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5. Leveraging on other social media platforms

Other than Facebook, do you have any presence on other social platforms such as Twitter or Instagram? If you do, leverage on them by requesting your fans on these platforms to follow you on Facebook too. To be more effective in your requests, try to give your fans at least one compelling reason on why following you on Facebook is going to benefit them.

6. Comments and feedback

​Everyone is seeking attention in their own ways. On Facebook, commenting is a great way to gain attention and for a user to express his thoughts. Ultimately, what we Page owners want is to have meaningful interaction taking place, and for that to happen, we need to play an active role. Whenever there is a comment from a user, and a reply is required, we should react to it as soon as we can. This is to show the all our supporters and fans that we value and appreciate comments. By replying, it is also a good way for us to show that we care and use the opportunity to build brand loyalty. On top of that, you get the benefit of increasing visibility of your Facebook Page posts.

7. What’s your Page or brand personality?

Every Page needs to be fronted by a personality. This is important because a Page or Brand personality plays a part in attracting new followers and maintaining existing ones. If the Page personality turns from optimistic to pessimistic, the loss of fans is a natural outcome. Likewise, a brand/Page cannot afford to be lighthearted in content or posts, when it’s about coffins and funerals.

So are there any easy ways for us to determine what personality works best?

Well, to be honest, there is no such thing as “best personality”. What personality works best, is dependent on the industry you are in, and what your Page is about. If your Page is about parenting and babies, then naturally your Page (personality) need to speak and smell of love. On the other hand, if your Page is about Maldives, you are likely to be sharing images and content in a romantic and sweet way. I believe you get the drift, so think about what and how you want to portray for your Page, and stick to that personality. Your personality can be fun, adventurous, witty, etc.

8. Inject variety in content

Most of us know that images and videos are proven to perform better compared to text updates. However we can take it further by injecting more variety in the types of content that we shared with our audience. Just to give you an idea, here is what you can try:

  • How-to Guides on best ways to use your products
  • Product review + valued added information
  • Useful resources
  • Quotes (e.g. motivation, success, inspiration, etc)
  • Infographics

9. Be consistent

Being consistent is one of the easiest way to make your Page popular. It matters because consistency is what forms your followers’ expectations. And when we meet expectations, we get the results we want. Here is a short list of what we can do to be consistent:

  • If you have any event that is happening every month, then maintain it no matter how busy your schedule is.
  • Post at fixed time intervals, so that followers can know when to check your Pages for new content.
  • Stick to the same type of content that your followers prefers.
  • Share the same number of posts daily. Don’t deviate too much from the usual number.
  • Post content that are consistent with your topics and beliefs. This is one of the reasons why fans followed you in the place.

10. Don’t underestimate the power of a compelling Page profile

​Last but not least, don’t overlook the importance of an interesting profile. Take the time to complete the About section for your Page. This is can be the first section that a visitor sees, and a deciding factor on whether to follow or forget your Page. Therefore, try your best to make your Page profile memorable and interesting enough to be followed/liked. As a general rule, tell the visitors what the Page is about, and what are the benefits & reasons for following the Page. And if you have any achievements, don’t forget to include them in your milestones to impress your readers. Remember, we got to make our first impressions last, as we are likely not have a second chance.

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Final thoughts

What other ways do you think we can use to make our Facebook Pages more popular?



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