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Ever wonder what is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and what it actually does? To put it simply, it is a virtual computer that you can remote login, control and run your programs. There are several reasons for doing it:

  1. speed – your internet speed may have a bottleneck depending on the plan you have with your ISP
  2. bandwidth – similar to the 1st point. Your internet subscription plan is limited by speed and bandwidth.
  3. time saving, more efficient– you can run more software. Especially those that you need to run 24/7 or regularly.
  4. hardware costs saving – no need to buy another PC or server to run programs
  5. other costs like: rental of space/office when you have many PCs and air-conditioning to keep the servers cool, and electricity costs.

If you are currently using softwares that take up too much of your internet bandwidth or you cannot work on your PC/laptop when it’s running, then it’s high time you consider getting a VPS to save yourself from all these headaches. For those doing constant SEO with programs like Sick Submitter, a VPS is should be on your priority list. Even if you have 2-3 PCs at home, it’s could still be worth every penny because there are measurable as well as intangible costs involved when you run your PC 24/7.

VPSLAND  – Advanced Virtual Private Server

I own several VPS from different providers. But one of my favorites is VPSLand (Advanced Virtual Private Servers) which provides business class VPS, and the company specialize in it. They have been around since 1994, and run by professionals, who will assist you should you need help.

vps benefits

Discount Coupon Code – 50% for the First Month

The basic plan VPS-1 is a generous 1GB RAM, 20 GB disk space, and bandwidth of 250GB. If you use the VPSLAND Coupon code 50FIRST, you can get 50% off for the first month. The full price is $24.98 – which means you can test drive it for only $12.49 – probably much lesser than your electricity cost and opportunity costs (i.e. not being able to work on your PC when you are running your particular software 24/7).


Other additional benefits include the option to add dedicated IP address. The company offers both Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

PS: Usually it’s not my style to put down a service provider. But please stay away from ThrustVPS under all circumstances. I have used them before, and the company products is one of the worst. You can do a google search of ThrustVPS, and you’ll see a long list of complaints. Just use a company that’s established and provide reliable services – you’ll save a lot of frustrations, cut down lost time and save more money. OK end of rant.



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