Successful formulaTo succeed in the game of life, if there’s any winning formula to it and I’m to choose just 3 factors, that will be consistency, focus, and passion. You know, I hate it when I hear people say “you are lucky to be successful because you are at the right place, at the right time”, or it takes luck to be successful”. To me, that’s pure BS. Success is not an object, or about material comfort/objects – it’s a stage in life when you are good in things you love or do.

Everything in life, be in your work, maybe even sports, it’s never about luck. It’s about you: what you do, what you believe and putting things into actions. Just because you are in a bad patch of luck, doesn’t mean that you are going to keep failing. Lack of luck may make the going tougher, but it’s NOT everything. So it’s time to stop using that as an excuse.

Consistency – Say no to Procrastination

Having goals is good and essential, but there are always many steps to take before you reach your final goals. As a result, many gurus and books have mentioned that you must break all your goals into smaller parts. Well, this is something that everyone has no issue with, since it’s just “paperwork”, writing on the paper with no real actions. In order to succeed, we must put in effort (actions!!), time and money towards achieving our goals. Breaking the BIG goal into smaller ones is the first step, the second step is to have the consistency to complete the mini goals daily. That’s where many individuals fail because of procrastination. You may think that skipping a mini goal is no big deal, since the next day you can do TWO mini goals, but will you? Tomorrow there will be another excuse, another reason. And it will snowball, till many mini goals, and you just decide to give up altogether because it’s too difficult.

Focus – Say No to Temptations

Focus is a big issue. Nowadays there are so many distractions while working on the computer. You have Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, that will keep you engross for hours, and when you decide to go back to your work again, you lost the momentum to do the work you intended to. That’s mins, or hours lost. Personally, when I work on an article or project, I prefer to work without the Internet. I’ll just do a draft outline (very important since you need to know what you want exactly) of what I want to achieve, and then when I get connected to the Internet, I just focus on getting the necessary work done. No alt-tabbing, no social networking, no chat, nothing, just focus and finish the work or the mini-goals.

Passion – Love your work!

Passion and vision are actually two very close contenders. But if I have to choose just 3 factors then passion will be the one. Because without passion, no matter how good or how far your vision is, the journey will become painful for you because you are working for the sake of working. You won’t gain real happiness or joy even when you are earning tons of money. We are humans, and we need to have some form of “mental food”, and/or to feed your emotional needs. So if you are here because you are lost, looking for a sense of direction in your life or career, then I’ll recommend that you find a peaceful place without any distractions for yourself to ponder and consider what you want to do for the next 1 and 5 years from now. Find your passion, and everything will fall in perfectly for you. I wish you all the best, and you can always contact me if you wanna discuss anything.



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