For a long time, I have been considering using WPMU. Why? Because I have been many blogs running on WordPress platform, and if I could run all of them from WPMU, why not?

But well I do have concerns, what if WPMU doesn’t work properly with plugins, and I cannot find support or solutions to it?

For bloggers novice or pro, here’s the definition, and what’s used for:

wpmuUsing the WordPress multi-user edition, you will be able offer users an opportunity to sign up for a new blog. They will be able to securely manage their templates and settings without affecting any other users. You can have unlimited users with unlimited blogs, and users can have various roles (administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscriber) on each other’s blogs. One or more Site Administrators can perform site-wide management tasks, including adding users and blogs, altering permissions and granting access to themes.

As a host or creator for WPMU, you can manage all the blogs from a central system, setup a standard package of plugins and themes, and enjoy the following benefits:

WordPress Mu Host Benefits

  • Ability to create a hosted “community” of users.
  • Ability to host thousands of users on one site.
  • Opportunity to provide free hosting as an alternative to paid hosting services.
  • Ability to limit sign-up to specific email domains if required.
  • Various options for adding Plugins and administration features.
  • Customization of the administration panels.
  • Ability to add WordPress Themes, increasing user choices.
  • Ability to control WordPress Themes, limiting user choices per site needs.
  • Security precautions and protections in place.
  • Easy addition of comment spam protection through Plugins.
Useful links:
I’ll be trying WPMU soon, and going to post updates on it ;)


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